‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Spoilers: Footage Leaked Of Set Filming Spawns New Speculation

Some Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers have possibly been leaked in a video which has yet to be taken down by Disney. The filmmakers have been known to be super secretive about anything which might give the story away.

Mark Hamill even spoke about the use of anti-drone technology keeping anyone from taking unauthorized footage from the filming of The Force Awakens. The footage revealed in the new video appears to contain a helicopter nearby looking for anyone who might be filming the set.

Disney even had Daisy Ridley cover her head in a pillow case to avoid possible spoilers on Instagram about her hair. Oddly, the fact that they made her do that could be a spoiler all by itself, as we now know that Rey’s hair might give a clue about the plot of Star Wars Episode 8. Spoilers could be anywhere.


The video posted of the filming of the latest Star Wars is filmed from a good distance, but from the lush vegetation and the appearance of someone in a robe on an elevated stage, it could be alluding to some recently leaked concept art. The art shows Luke Skywalker standing on Meditation Rock, similar to his reveal at the end of The Force Awakens. He is looking out and imagining two suns in the sky.

This should sound familiar to long-time fans as it is a throwback to Luke’s introduction on Tatooine, which ended up also being his father’s home planet. The symbolism could also allude to a big difference between Luke and Anakin, since Anakin stated (to many fans’ annoyance) in Attack of the Clones how much he doesn’t like sand, and Luke appears to have fond memories of the same planet.

This possible Star Wars Episode 8 spoiler could be intentionally telling us that he’s been struggling with the dark side of the Force much like his father did. It was revealed in The Force Awakens that Luke had tried to train a new batch of padawans when his own nephew went rogue and became Kylo Ren. This forced him to leave it all behind until Rey found him and handed him his lightsaber.

In the video uploaded recently, you can clearly see regular sticks in the ground, standing straight up. These are probably part of the anti-drone security preventing anyone from approaching by remote. The helicopter probably saw the person recording it from a distance and probably didn’t care. The footage doesn’t show much aside from the robed figure on top of the platform.

At one point on the horizon you can see what appear to be props first seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Cylindrical buildings are visible and are probably part of Luke’s home, an idea seen on Hoth where the rebel alliance had been hiding from the Empire.

Though it might be a Star Wars Episode 8 spoiler, a recent Instagram post (above) from Daisy Ridley appears to mirror the idea that the scene being filmed is the place where Rey found Luke, a rock outcropping near a body of water.

Was there anything you saw in the video which gives more information about a possible Star Wars Episode 8 spoiler?

[Image via Disney]