Ciara And Russell Wilson Wedding Today: Inside Scoop [Update]

When it comes to celebrity secret weddings, Ciara is right up there in the top secret category. Ciara and Russell Wilson’s wedding is reportedly happening today, as the couple will get married in jolly old England, but nobody knows exactly where or when the ceremony is going to happen. The couple are also banning all cell phones and social media posts, and it sounds like they’ll be tough on anyone breaking that ban.

When Ciara starts to “1, 2 Step” down the aisle, there won’t be any cameras or cell phone cameras pointing at her to immortalize the moment, according to Rap-Up Wilson and Ciara are determined to keep this most important moment completely private, except for the 100 closest friends and relatives that gossip site TMZ reports will be in attendance.

The couple aren’t just trusting those close friends and family members to keep their cameras packed away. Wilson and Ciara have arranged to make sure that there are no lenses in the building except for spectacle lenses. When they tie the knot at an English castle, all the guests will already have handed over their mobiles so that no one can snap a sneak pic of the blushing bride during the ceremony. Ciara and Russell don’t want anyone to be able to post anything to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and they are taking strong measures to ensure their privacy.

Ciara’s wedding plan calls for all the invitees to meet at an undisclosed central location to turn over their devices before being driven to the castle where the wedding will take place. The Daily Mail reports that the location has been confirmed, although fans aren’t sure it’s true.

The couple have been in the spotlight for one occasion of walking up an aisle. At the rehearsal dinner in Liverpool, where there were around 100 guests who are probably the same people attending the wedding, Ciara and Wilson walked a “cobblestone walkway to the Titanic Hotel” and were surrounded by “shutterbugs snapping photos of the pair.” A source spoke to E! News about the gathering, and said that bridesmaids Kelly Rowland and Lala Vasquez hadn’t “left her side” throughout the day as they helped Ciara prepare for the momentous occasion.

“The rehearsal dinner was beautiful. Ciara and Russell couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. The love was strong in the room.”

Some fans are asking about Ciara’s age because it turns out the singer is actually three years older than her football star fiance. That kind of age difference, where the woman is older than the man in a relationship is still considered unusual today.

Regardless of age, Ciara and Russell are clearly very much in love and are looking forward to taking the next step in their relationship. According to an insider who spoke with E! Online, Ciara was so “nervous and excited” that she had a hard time sleeping, even though she and Russell “went their separate ways” to sleep on their last night as singles. Ciara has been “buzzing about all morning” getting ready.

“Ciara has been getting ready all morning. She has all of her bridesmaids helping her. It was hard for her to sleep last night. She is so nervous but so excited for today.”

Ciara’s been relying a lot on her bridesmaids to help out with all the prep, especially with decisions about how she’s going to look. It’s reported that she’s going with a “golden” and “not that dramatic” makeup for the big day. There will definitely be romance included in Ciara’s look, with her hair being doing in a “very romantic” style.

What do you think? Will there be some sneak peek photos of the wedding, or have Ciara and Russell taken enough precautions to protect their privacy?

Update: TMZ reported at 11:15 am PDT that Ciara and Russell Wilson are married! The ceremony took place at Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England, and the bride wore a Robert Cavalli dress.

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]