BP Shells Out $1.5 Million For Gas Recall So Far

Whiting, IN — BP has paid out more than $1.5 million in claims to victims of the multi-state recall of bad gas last month, which caused damage to some vehicles’ mechanical components.

The incorrectly formulated gasoline was distributed to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin, and caused problems for consumers cars, including hard starting, stalling, and damage to critical components in the vehicle, reports The Christian Science Monitor.

BP recently sent information to Indiana’s attorney general, saying that the company made payments totaling $1.52 million so far. The company has used that money to settle 2,315 of the 15,695 claims it has received so far, since the recall began in mid-August.

The gas and oil company recalled almost 4.7 million gallons of gasoline it distributed in August to the four states, after car owners flooded dealerships and repair shops with problems after they filled up at BP gas stations.

59 percent of the claims have been filed by Indiana residents, with 33 percent filed in Illinois. CSNews Online notes that the information BP sent to the Indiana attorney general was up to date as of September 5. The gas recall began after a batch of regular grade gas was mixed at the company’s Whiting, Indiana storage terminal between August 13 and 17.

The gas was found to contain a higher level of polymeric residue than normal. The premium and mid-grade fuel sold from the company’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin terminal was also affected.

BP has since set up a dedicated website, www.bpresponse.com, in order to handle inquiries from consumers who have been affected by the gas recall. BP spokesman Scott Dean has said that the company will continue to send payments to people who have filed legitimate claims from the August gas recall.