'Teen Mom OG' Tyler Baltierra And Catelynn Lowell Shut Down Clothing Site Due To 'Family Crisis'

Like some of the others who have appeared on Teen Mom, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have decided to use some of the money raised from the show, their public appearances, and their book to start their own company. The pair invested in a children's clothing line called Tierra Reign, in which they design and manufacture pieces in their hometown. Currently, the pair run the whole operation from their Michigan home, but due to Catelynn's rehab stay, the pair have decided to close up shop.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Tyler Baltierra has taken their daughter, Novalee Reign, to the mental health facility in Arizona where Catelynn is currently in an inpatient program. Catelynn has gone to the facility and returned at least two times since Thanksgiving, this stay marking her third in just a few months.

Catelynn Lowell revealed that she was recently feeling suicidal and decided she wanted to check in to rehab for depression and anxiety. After she was initially released, she returned to the facility two more times, and is there currently.

Tyler Baltierra has been raising their daughter, Novalee, on his own while Catelynn is in the facility, but will likely be participating in her care while he is in Arizona.

Although Tyler Baltierra has expressed frustration at Catelynn for her depression, he has posted many times that he is there for her and will fight "every step of the way."

The pair's debut line of Tierra Reign proved to be a success immediately, with the couple selling out of most of the clothes. Their daughter served as a model for some of the looks, but evidently the stress of running the business and dealing with Nova has become too much for Tyler.

Although Tyler has shut down the site due to a "family crisis," he has stated it will be up and running on February 9. It is assumed that this is when he and Nova will return from the rehab facility.

Catelynn Lowell has been very open about her mental health struggles, as she has dealt with postpartum depression since the birth of Nova.