June 29, 2017
Great White Sharks: Cape Cod Excursions Announced For Thrill-Seekers

Great White Sharks have called Cape Cod "home" in the summer for quite a few years now. With the Great White Shark population seeming to increase every year, the chances of you seeing one while visiting Cape Cod have become more likely. Since these majestic beauties have been swimming closer to the shoreline on the hunt for food, many Cape Cod visitors have spotted them while standing on the beach! This is super cool and super frightening, all at the same time.

A mom and her two kids were hanging out on Race Point Beach in Provincetown on June 21 when they saw a Great White Shark attack a seal. According to CapeCod.com, Sarah Chapman and her two children were on the shore watching a few seals swimming about 30 feet away from them. All of a sudden, the family witnessed a huge splash and then just saw blood. They said they saw the shark's dorsal fin and its tail before it vanished back into the chilly water, noshing on its prey.

"Watching the whole event was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. Holy cow. What an experience. The kids are still reeling from the event. I will never, ever go in these waters again," Chapman said.


Great White Sharks in Cape Cod definitely have beachgoers on high alert, but for the most part, these sharks aren't keeping people out of the water. If you're swimming in the waters of the National Seashore, you've probably seen a seal or two swimming close by. If you're on the beach, you probably have seen people in the water not too far from those seals. While it's important to pay attention to your surroundings while in these potentially shark-infested waters, most people enjoy their beach day without obsessing over their silky seal neighbors swimming a few feet away.

It's no secret that people are fascinated by Great White Sharks. Previously, the only way to see one of these sharks was to pay ridiculous amounts of money to go on an excursion in South Africa or California. Now, shark-lovers and thrill-seekers will be pleased to know that there is a Cape Cod excursion being offered this summer.

According to the press release, nonprofit organization Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is running these expeditions two times a day on Mondays and Thursdays from July 7 to September 29.

"As the only tours offered on the Cape whose donations directly benefit white shark research, education and conservation efforts, a portion of the trip is tax deductible. Registration for the trip includes participants' entrance at The Chatham Shark Center™ and an aerial photo by Ocean Aerials of your trip. Great White Shark Expeditions are $2500 (up to five passengers). To learn more and charter your Expedition contact the Chatham Bars Inn at 508-945-6871."

Those interested in Great White Sharks but not brave enough to head out on a boat to see one in person may want to check out one of the new apps released. According to WCVB, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy now offers Sharktivity, which allows mobile users to see where tagged Great Whites are hanging out. The hope is that people will be cautious if they know that there are sharks in the waters off of Cape Cod beaches. The app also allows beach-goers to report any shark activity that they may see in real time. Pretty cool, right?

Are you interested in Great White Sharks? Would you want to go on a Great White Shark excursion? Will you be downloading the new app mentioned above?

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]