Kelsey Grammer Admits He Quit Alcoholics Anonymous, Drinks Every Day

Kelsey Grammer poses

Kelsey Grammer is speaking out and revealing that a lot has changed for him over the last few years. At one time, Kelsey was an alcoholic and going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He was staying sober and taking care of himself. Now Radar Online is sharing that Kelsey isn’t going to these meetings anymore, and the reality is he actually drinks every single day again. The thing is, Kelsey doesn’t seem to think he has a big problem like before.

At one time, Kelsey Grammer was sent to jail for driving drunk. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson from that and will be responsible enough not to get behind the wheel again while drinking. Kelsey did an interview with The Times recently where he shared the details about how his life has changed now. Things are a lot different for Grammer.

“I no longer go to AA and I still enjoy a drink. People need to know how to move on and put things in another place. Drinking is not a vice. I want my five minutes every day when I have my cocktail, and I want no one to bother me during that time.”

Even though Kelsey Grammer may be drinking again, that doesn’t mean that he is doing everything. Grammer did say that he doesn’t do cocaine. Abortion was something else he shared his thoughts on, and Grammer’s opinion may be one others don’t agree with all the time.

“It gets a bit dishonest to call something reproductive rights when you clearly have a choice well before a baby is conceived. If someone has to die as a result of rape, then we should kill the rapist — not the unborn child.”

Kelsey Grammer also has a terrible relationship with his ex-wife Camille, and she isn’t afraid to speak out about it. Back in January, Us Magazine shared how things were going for her now and how things were not going great with Kelsey even after all these years. She sat down on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and talked about it all. She wasn’t shy and didn’t leave anything out at all during this interview.

“It’s very difficult because he refuses to communicate with me and coparent with me on any level. So what I do is: My kids go to therapy. I go to therapy. I used to think that there would be a day that would come along that someday I could coparent with him, and he would be willing to talk to me because it would only help the kids.”

It is very difficult for children that have two parents who do not speak to each other at all. Camille Grammer went on to say that she takes it one day at a time and that she wishes that Kelsey Grammer would find a way to put the kids first. They were actually married for 13 years, but things just didn’t work out for them in the long run. The split was caused by Kelsey, who had an affair with his now-wife, Kayte Walsh. Kelsey Grammer does seem happy. Camille has not remarried since their big split.

At this time, it doesn’t look like there is any way that Camille and Kelsey Grammer will ever work things out. They have moved on, but hopefully, there is some way that they can figure out a way to co-parent that won’t be hard on their children.

Are you shocked to hear that Kelsey Grammer is drinking again and not going to meetings anymore? Do you feel like he is making the wrong decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]