‘Mr. Robot’ Moves Back In With Mom In Season 2 [Video]

Mr. Robot Season 2 is about to show fans of the hacker series that even the strongest soldiers in the anonymous war on corruption can break down and run home to their mother. That is what Elliot Alderson had to do, but his case was a just a little bit different than the average soldier in the hacker world of cyber wars.

Season 2 of Mr. Robot is about to drop on USA Network (July 13) and the hacker drama, which can only be called that by necessity, is coming back to show the world that even with best of intentions, erasing the debt of millions of Americans can have some major fallout, according to USA Today. For those that were too big to fail, they are about to fail the world and the world economy is slowly spiraling around a drain that can in no way sustain it without free-fall.

If there is one thing that we have learned from the Mr. Robot trailer for Season 2, it’s that Elliot Alderson still has not gotten rid of his alter ego, Edward Alderson… his dead father. What fans also know about Mr. Robot is that if Edward Alderson is still there, then that means that Elliot Alderson is still crazy. That is something that can be assumed every time you see Mr. Robot’s poppa who just will not go away, not that Elliot is really trying to force the issue, though.

Essentially, Elliot Alderson is Mr. Robot, thus making him the leader of the fictional hacker group FSociety, which most people have come to realize stands for F*** Society, decoded.

Here is the breakdown between Elliot Alderson, Edward Alderson, and Mr. Robot. The concrete evidence suggests that they are all the same person or the same character. But Elliot Alderson is portrayed by Rami Malek, Edward Alderson is portrayed by Christian Slater, and Mr. Robot is also portrayed by Christian Slater, just as an imaginary person that Elliot Alderson made up. The fans see him as Christian Slater, but the world sees him as Rami Malek, thus making Malek Mr. Robot as well.

Okay, so enough about that. If you do not understand it by now, then the rest may just confuse you a bit too much. Long story short, Elliot Alderson is crazy, presumably schizophrenic, on Mr. Robot. But Elliot is constantly trying to make sense of everything in the most reasonable way possible and the audience sees the world through Elliot’s eyes, so the show is a slow descent into madness, forcing everyone to question who or what character they can trust.

Now for the real tragedy that is about to unfold on Season 2 of Mr. Robot. Trusting no one means that the characters that are intimately involved with FSociety, which includes Elliot’s sister (big Season 1 surprise), have been slowly devolving to the point where they are not even sure they can trust each other. There is some regret that will be floating around the group, and they are starting to be on opposing sides of the argument. Although they are destined to stay together and trust each other no matter what, it does not always go down like that on Season 2 of Mr. Robot.

Now, the characters of FSociety on Mr. Robot are seeing the global implications and there is even some faux footage of President Obama using the old George W. Bush words of “we will respond.”

But Season 2 of Mr. Robot is not about those characters worrying about the repercussions for them. For lack of better understanding, it seems as though they are willing to go to prison for their cause, which is mostly undefined but fans get the point enough not to question that. Yet, most can consider them somewhat of an Anarchy group mixed in with Liberal viewpoints and a great big dose of Anonymous.

[Image via USA Network]