Silicon Valley ‘Cougar Night’ Killed By Prostitution Ring Rumors

Palo Alto, CA – For months, the Rosewood Hotel in the Silicon Valley was hopping on cougar night until rumors about a prostitution ring surfaced. The place was rumored to be a virtual meat market of attractive older women, but reports of sex-for-hire arrests posted online derailed the middle-age dating extravaganza. The Silicon Valley Pasquinade alleged that multiple successful venture capitalists had been arrested in a police sting. The word pasquinade means lampoon or satire.

Both the single ladies and potential suitors stayed away from the Rosewood, not knowing that the prostitution alert was posted on what is believed to be a spoof website, according to the Daily Mail. The normally large crowds at the five-star lodging facility dwindled significantly in the days following the possible hoax.

The quickness in which the supposed prostitution arrests spread illustrates how well-known cougar night has become in the Silicon Valley, Mercury News reports. The fifty-something crowd of attractive divorcees in short skirts mingling with wealthy internet moguls at Madera, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, abruptly halted. Discussions at the upscale dining area turned from quiet chats about multimillion dollar deals to a bit more risqué conversations on Thursday evenings.

Linx Dating matchmaker, Amy Anderson, had this to say about the Rosewood environment on Thursdays:

“I’ve had male clients tell me they won’t come here anymore on Thursdays because the women are so aggressive. They will literally be mauled like a piece of bloody meat. But all ages come here. A lot of younger women will change from their work clothes, put on a cocktail dress and head over. They’re looking for husbands here.”

Palo Alto police officers do not have any record of prostitution arrests and note that the police chief named in the blog post does not exist. It appears the report was nothing more than an internet prank, and it is safe to resume cougar night fun the Rosewood.