[RUMOR] Let’s just face it, the PS3 Slim is probably real

The rumor about a new, slimmer PS3 is old news, grandad, first reported back in May. Since then, numerous sources – even respectable sources, like the UK’s Daily Telegraph – have claimed the miniaturized console is a reality. Do I personally think it’s real? Do bears defecate in tree-heavy locations?

French media site JVN is right with me, having contacted an anonymous retailer who pretty much confirmed the whole thing. According to JVN’s mole, the thinner version of Sony’s machine will be revealed next week at Gamescom, an annual games convention held in Germany. JVN’s source says it’ll be on shelves in Europe by September (!), priced at €300 ($425, or £180). That’s €100 cheaper than its more obese older brother.

Yeah, okay, I know this is ultimately Some Guy phoning Some Shop. But add Sony’s love of shrinking EVERY SONY GAMING PRODUCT EVER to the compelling pile of evidence from the past three months (including several leaked pictures and a YouTube video), and it seems obvious: the PS3 Slim is totally happening.


[JVN, via Gamepro]