The shocking fall of Vince Young

A little less then one year ago Vince Young was the starting QB for the Tennessee Titans. After a sever meltdown in the regular season opener of 2008, where he apparently quit and would not take the field of play anymore and then reportedly was on the verge of committing suicide. Now not only has Vince lost the starting job, but he barely looks capable of being the Titans back up QB.

Granted last night’s pre season opener was but the first contest of the 2009 pre season, but the point cannot be lost Vince looked terrible. He ended up with an anemic 5-10 for 39 yards with a one yard run. Not very impressive even if we were not talking about the first pre season game.

Of course none of this would be news worthy had Vince not run off at the mouth and said in effect that he will be the next African American QB to win a Super Bowl, and his career will one day be hall of fame worthy. Really what we have here is yet another (Michael Vick being the other) College QB who runs first instead of passing. While that may work in College football for a team running the option, it has not translated well into the NFL. In fact no run first QB has ever won a Super Bowl.

At this point it doesn’t appear that Vince can even compete for the backup QB role on the Titans. It would not be all that big of a surprise to see Vince dropped to the third QB on the Titans depth chart, and holding a clipboard each week is not a way to get selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.