‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Ross Marquand Knows Who Negan Killed

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, the cast of The Walking Dead knows who Negan killed at the end of Season 6. There are plenty of spoilers floating around out there, and while some claim that they have absolute knowledge of who Negan killed, and the identity of two major Walking Dead characters who will die early in Season 7, the AMC zombie series has denied everything. As a matter of fact, The Inquisitr previously reported that AMC threatened lawsuits against a Facebook group who tried to pass off spoilers.

It is clear that AMC wants the identity of Negan’s victim kept a complete secret. However, that won’t last till The Walking Dead Season 7 debuts, because teasers and commercials should eliminate certain characters. Rick has already been eliminated since The Inquisitr previously reported that producer Greg Nicotero said that Negan will teach Rick a lot in Season 7 of the show. That makes a cast member actually speaking seem surprising, and IGN reported that Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron, made a comment about Negan’s target.

“I do personally know, but we’re obviously not at liberty to talk about that. They do take it seriously, and I think it’s a good reason. We want to protect it for the fans who don’t want it spoiled. I think the majority of fans don’t want to know. They want it to be an unspoiled thing. I started as a fan of the show. I would hate it if someone actually revealed to me what happened. That’s like skipping to the last page of the book.”

While many people, such as Walking Dead cast members Ross Marquand and Norman Reedus, are against spoiling events from the show, there are a large number of people who would rather not be surprised and want to know what is happening before they see it. A group of those people takes part in Facebook groups where they discuss what is going to happen and share spoilers for the show with each other.

These fans are no different than other fans of The Walking Dead. They just don’t like to be surprised. They are probably the people that Marquand mentions who read the last page of the book before starting it so they know if they will like the ending, not caring about being surprised by the end. They still love watching the journey, just as any other fan, just in a different way.

However, The Walking Dead and AMC have taken a strong-armed approach to these fans. Instead of letting the groups exist in their own Walking Dead subculture and leaving them along, AMC has threatened lawsuits and injunctions against these fans, possibly fearing that the fans will ruin the show for those who do like allowing The Walking Dead to take them on a journey of wonder and surprise.

It also doesn’t help that stars like Norman Reedus have called fans who deliver spoilers an unsavory name. Yes, fans who ruin the surprise of The Walking Dead to people who don’t want the show’s surprises spoiled fit that description, the fans who share their information with others who don’t mind being spoiled are doing nothing wrong. It is no different than opening a Christmas present before Christmas and then re-wrapping it to spoil the surprise on Christmas Day. It hurts no one.

At the same time, it is also fun to realize that The Walking Dead shot a death scene with every person who was at Negan’s camp so that no leaked footage could be called the definitive death scene. There is also the fact that some characters will leave Alexandria for the Hilltop Community, so even missing actors could be explained away for that reason.

The Walking Dead spoilers communities will not go away, and they are doing nothing wrong, but how many of the spoilers are true, and how much is misinformation? Ross Marquand knows who Negan killed on The Walking Dead, but he isn’t going to spoil it for anybody.

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