One Direction: Harry Styles Breaks The Internet But There's No Need To Panic

Harry Styles is one of the most high-profile celebrities on social media. One Direction star Harry has over 28 million followers on Twitter alone, and today those followers are getting more than a little excited. As reported in The Inquisitr earlier this week, Styles has reportedly signed a deal to release solo music with Columbia records. One Direction fans will be aware that Styles has signed with the label that released all five of One Direction's hit albums. There is no doubt that solo releases by Harry make for big news, and he will undoubtedly attract big money.

Rumors are now emerging that suggest that Styles' deal with Columbia is a three-album deal worth a cool $80 million. Sadly and predictably, the rumors have led to a fresh bout of claims that Styles has quit One Direction. The reality is, of course, that there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Harry has done anything of the sort. There is no reason why Styles should not release solo music; after all, One Direction are on hiatus to pursue solo projects.

As rumors of Styles' three album deal emerged the Twitter hashtag #CongratulationsHarry has begun to trend worldwide. One Direction fans are displaying a range of emotions. Of course fans are delighted to see Styles land a huge deal, but they are also fearful that Harry is on his way out of the band.

There is no need for anyone to panic. Claims that Harry is on his way out of One Direction have no real foundation. The talk about Harry's deal is based on a rumor printed by Hits Daily Double, who make it absolutely clear that the deal is a rumor. As is all too often the case where Styles or One Direction are concerned, the story was picked up by an outlet with a very long history of printing completely false stories. That outlet turned rumors of Harry's good fortune into a claim that Styles was set to quit One Direction.

The Daily Mail points out that no details of Harry's deal with Columbia are known at present, but even if the rumors prove to be correct, that does not necessarily mean an end to One Direction. It is beyond bizarre that some media outlets predict the end of One Direction every time news of a solo project emerges. Harry and his bandmates are on hiatus to do some solo projects. Why are people surprised when one of the boys does just that?

Australian Network News even reports that some of the One Direction boys could be involved in collaborating with Harry for his solo work.
"At the end of the day, the best idea and the best song wins. And for the songs Harry doesn't write himself he would love to collaborate with powerhouses like Sia, Steven Tyler and even the guys from One Direction."
In other Harry Styles news, it seems that the One Direction heartthrob will soon be filming in Dorset on England's south coast for his role in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. According to the Daily Echo Harry and the rest of the crew will be filming in the seaside towns of Swanage and Weymouth, both of which lay on the Jurassic Coast, a world heritage site.

Sadly, One Direction fans may have missed out on the chance to appear alongside Styles in his first movie role. An open casting, for an "untitled" Second World War project, was held at Weymouth Pavilion's Ocean Room last Saturday. The production company involved was Bodega Bay Films Ltd. Christopher Nolan has been using "Bodega Bay" as a codename for the film.

One Direction fans are rightly skeptical of any rumor involving Styles or any member of the hit band. Most have no doubt that Harry will join his bandmates in an eagerly anticipated reunion at some point in the future. Nobody knows what the One Direction reunion looks like at the moment, but Harry and his pals have promised that they will be back, and most fans will continue to believe that until they are told otherwise by Styles himself.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]