‘The BFG’ After-Credits Scene: Did Steven Spielberg Hide A Surprise At The End Of Disney’s Latest Movie?

Is there an after-credits scene in The BFG?

Viewers who see the Steven Spielberg movie — based on the beloved book from Roald Dahl — are already committing themselves to one hour and 57 minutes, putting it on the longer side for a family movie. So if there’s a chance to save a few minutes by not waiting all the way to the end, parents will likely want to know.

The after-credits scene, also known as a stinger in the movie industry, is something of a reward for viewers willing to stay through the five-to-seven minutes of credits. It’s a staple of many summer movies, giving viewers a bit of extra closure to certain plot lines or adding a one-off joke.

The stinger is a staple of the superhero genre, especially those that are part of a franchise like Marvel. But family movies are often the spottiest in terms of after-credits scenes, so viewers going into The BFG will likely want to know ahead of time if there’s an after-credits scene.

[WARNING: Spoilers for The BFG are ahead]

Families who want to leave early are in luck — there is no after-credits scene in The BFG. That was the consensus of AfterCredits.com, a site dedicated to tracking down which movies have stingers and compiling detailed lists.

But even without a scene at the end of the credits, there is plenty for fans to catch during the actual running time of The BFG. It is only the third movie directed by Steven Spielberg in the last four years, and he said the story stood out because of its unusual protagonist for the children’s genre.

He told Collider what brought him to the project.

“What really appealed to me was the fact that the protagonist was a girl, not a boy, and it’s a very strong girl. And the protagonist was going to allow us, at a certain point, to believe that four feet tall can completely outrank 25-feet of giant. I got very excited that this was going to be a little girl’s story, and that her courage and values was going to, in a way, turn the cowardly lion into the brave hero, at the end, which is what she turns The BFG into. I saw all kinds of The Wizard of Oz comparisons, when I was first reading the book. I said, ‘Here’s a real chance to do a story about Dorothy and the cowardly lion.'”

There are also plenty of cool scenes along the way. Spielberg said his favorite part of The BFG was when the protagonist, Sophie, was chasing dreams with The BFG. It’s one that fans will want to watch carefully, as Spielberg describes it as a visual wonder.

“That was a big set with a whole system of big roots, deep into the ground, and she gets to run under all the roots and chase the dreams. Of course, there were no dreams there. There were just a lot of lights on sticks. But, that was a fun four or five days. That whole sequence chasing dreams and talking about dreams was my favorite.”

There could be a sizeable audience for The BFG in its opening weekend. It’s predicted to reach close to $27 million in the first weekend, and close to $33 million when the Fourth of July holiday is tacked on. That would put it in second place for the week, behind Finding Dory.

So while the holiday weekend crowd won’t be able to see an after-credits scene in The BFG, it seems like they’ve got plenty to look forward to during the movie itself.

[Image via Instagram/The BFG]