‘GTA V’ Celebrates Independence Day With Online Rewards, Unlocks, And Fireworks

Hoping to give Grand Theft Auto V fans an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming holiday weekend, Rockstar Games is once again hosting a special Independence Day event inside GTA Online. In addition to other various rewards, players will be able to pick up limited items such as seasonally-themed vehicles, as well as a selection of patriotic clothing and accessories.

For those looking to enjoy some holiday content over the weekend, a special Independence Day playlist will be available in Grand Theft Auto Online beginning on Friday morning and running through July 4. These select jobs will offer participants twice the normal amounts of cash and RP payouts throughout the course of the weekend.

GTA Online Independence Day event The Independence Day Special returns to GTA ONline this weekend [Image via Rockstar Games]Users can access the limited Independence Day playlist directly within GTA Online‘s main menu. The jobs themselves, which were handpicked by Rockstar Games, feature a sampling of different rule sets such as team death match and race objectives.

The first death match on the playlist to grant double rewards this weekend is titled Road Tripping. In this mission, two teams will battle alongside a classic American highway.

Road Tripping – Road trips aren’t just three gallon energy drinks, sex with truck drivers, and voiding your bowels on the side of the highway. They’re a great American tradition. Celebrate it with this death match along Route 68 — frantic team skirmish among motor hotels of Southern San An “

Tapping into the tradition of summer camping, Across the Wilderness sends players on a race through the wooded forests of Grand Theft Auto V‘s map. This will give fans a chance to take in the sights of the game as they speed down a variety of nature paths.

Across the Wilderness – Discover the great outdoors like your pioneer ancestors did before you, even if that means killing whoever gets in your way. An off-road point to point Race through the Paleto forest with a large jump.”

Finally, Rockstar Games honors the American love for the open road with a cross-country style motorcycle journey. In the Tour the Lake race, users can take a fast-paced cruise across the San Andreas map while riding on the classic Sovereign motorcycle.

Tour the Lake – From sea to shining sea – appreciate the scuzzy, meth ravaged, recession-beaten beauty of this great nation with a point to point for Sovereign bikes. Starts at the Alamo Sea and ends at the Alamo Sea.”

GTA Online monster truck Pick up the Liberator monster truck in GTA Online for a limited time [Image via Rockstar Games]In addition to this weekend’s bonus mission rewards, Rockstar Games is also bringing back all Independence Day items that have been previously released in the past. This gives GTA Online fans another chance to own their own Liberator monster truck or Sovereign bike. Besides vehicles, gamers will also be able to create traditional pyrotechnic displays thanks to the exclusive Firework Rocket Launcher. More customization options will also be available thanks to the return of several patriotic items that have been added back to Grand Theft Auto V for the event. The game’s many clothing stores will be stocked with holiday-themed shirts, hats, and accessories.

Unlike the holiday playlist, which will be live for this weekend only, all of the limited Independence Day items will remain available until July 11. While the items can only be acquired during the holiday event, players will get to permanently keep anything that they have unlocked. However, ammunition for the Firework Rocket Launcher will eventually become unusable since its ammo can only be bought while the Independence Day celebration is active.

GTA Online patriotic items Holiday clothing and fireworks are coming to GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]Rockstar Games continues to hold different events within Grand Theft Auto Online to help keep players entertained. Beyond hosting these in-game celebrations, the developer is also still regularly releasing new content for the game such as the recently launched “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” DLC update.

Do GTA V‘s seasonal events, like the Independence Day Special, make you more likely to play?

[Image via Rockstar Games]