Chris Christie Vice President? Donald Trump Camp Vetting NJ Governor

Will Chris Christie run for vice president on a Donald Trump ticket? It’s a possibility, according to a new report. The New Jersey governor and former candidate for the republican nomination is reportedly on Trump’s short list, according to CNN. Christie was one of the first candidates to drop out of the race to the White House and also one of the first to endorse Trump after doing his best to run against him.

After ending his 2016 bid, Chris Christie jumped on board the Trump Train and has been riding in the front car ever since.

“Though Christie ran against Trump in the GOP primary, the two have been long-time friends and Christie quickly endorsed Trump and became a reliable presence at his events after dropping out of the race. The New Jersey governor has not only been one of Trump’s highest-profile surrogates, continually defending him against critics, but also one of his closest behind the scenes advisers, according to sources familiar with the relationship.”

Rumors that Chris Christie would be Donald Trump’s choice for vice president have been around for months. Although Christie was quick to point out that Trump was running for “entertainer-in-chief” back in January, he has since changed his tune in a big way. Christie has been backing Trump week after week, standing up for the man who very well could become the next president of the United States. He has been very vocal about Trump’s take on big-picture issues and has said that Trump has a right to have, and voice, his opinions. Christie has also insisted that he’s known Mr. Trump for 14 years and that “he is not a racist.”

With the kind of support that Chris Christie is offering Donald Trump these days, the idea that he could find himself on a campaign ticket isn’t surprising in the least.

“Christie has carved out an integral role inside Trump’s orbit. He’s operated, aides and advisers say, as a sort of all-purpose counselor of sorts to Trump in recent months — part strategist, part sounding board, part friend, and often (perhaps to the surprise of many in his home state of New Jersey), a calming voice of reason.”

Chris Christie isn’t the only contender for vice president for Donald Trump, however. According to The Atlantic, Newt Gingrich’s name has also come up when talking about possible candidates to run with Donald Trump. Recently, however, Gingrich admitted that he hadn’t yet been vetted. Other names thrown into the vice presidential mix include former candidate for the republican nomination Ben Carson, Tennessee Senator Bob Cocker, Indiana governor Mike Pence, former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and former governor of Texas, Rick Perry — to name a few. It is unclear if any of these potential running mates have been vetted.

However, Chris Christie has a solid relationship with Donald Trump — and that could be exactly what the Trump campaign wants to see heading into November.

“Late night phone calls aren’t rare — Trump bouncing ideas and strategies off of Christie, complaints as well. But he also listens, this adviser added. That, the adviser said, may be the most important takeaway: Donald Trump, as much as Donald Trump can, listens to Chris Christie.”

Do you think that Chris Christie will see himself as Donald Trump’s prospective vice president? Do you think a Trump/Christie ticket could win the general election?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]