Zac Efron Transforms Hair And Body After Sami Miro Breakup

Zac Efron is taking the breakup with Sami Miro in his stride by going through some transformations. While the most obvious one involves his hair, with blond tips highlighting his features, the more subtle and debatable one has been on his face.

“The actor showed his support for the Orlando shooting victims in a touching Instagram photo — but fans couldn’t help but notice his, uh, plump pout,” reports In Touch Weekly. “To see the startling difference, here’s a side-by-side of Zac at a press event just last month compared with yesterday’s Instagram post. In the comments section, a few fans are speculating that the actor received fillers, but he hasn’t admitted to getting plastic surgery.”

Here’s the picture that got his fans all riled up.

One commenter wrote, “It’s so insane how his entire f*****g facial structure changed.”

But with bad lighting and weird angles in play, it’s hard to tell for sure if Zac had gone under the knife after his breakup with Sami Miro.

One thing that has not changed is his amazing physique, which he kept up throughout the time he was dating Sami, but it has gotten even crazier now. The roles that he had taken for Dirty Grandpa, Baywatch, and Neighbors 2 have all required him to get incredibly buff.

And if you know Zac Efron, he takes his job very seriously, though being so exposed makes him “self-conscious.”

Most recently, he got to “inadvertently” show off his toned body on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“He’s gained acclaim for his sculpted abs, having taken home the short-lived MTV Movie Award for Best Shirtless Performance in two out of its three years in existence (2014 and 2015),” reports the Daily Mail. “And on Wednesday Zac Efron showed it off again as he shared a comical dressing room photo that he suggested had been sneakily snapped by Jimmy Kimmel. The 28-year-old could be seen trying to block the camera in the photo, as he prepared for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

But that doesn’t mean he wants to keep his body in tip-top shape for the rest of his life (or career). He recently expressed an interest in transforming himself again if it was for an impressive Hollywood role.

“I would love to gain 30 pounds and play an aging rock star,” Zac said in an interview with Us Weekly. “That’d be an awesome transformation.”

While that might be some actor’s worst nightmare, it looks like the 28-year-old actor is more than willing to change up his body if it will help him break into more serious acting gigs.

While she was seen with another guy just after the split, Zac Efron has not been spotted with any gals in Los Angeles.

Sami Miro was spotted letting her hair down on Tuesday night, enjoying a dinner date in the company of handsome DJ Alex Andre at ROKU Sunset in West Hollywood,” reported the Daily Mail in early May. “The newly-single model was dressed to impress for her night on the town, donning a black bodycon minidress.”

But that doesn’t mean he is sitting in his room crying about the fact that he is single. He has been hanging out with a lot of cool dudes in Hollywood, like Adam Devine, Robert De Niro, Seth Rogen, and many more. Surrounding himself with role models probably is inspiring the Down Under star to get over the breakup to focus on his career.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]