WWE News: Update On When Finn Balor And Other NXT Stars Are Set To Debut On The Main Roster

With the upcoming WWE Brand Split, fans know WWE has been reaching out to several wrestling veterans who have worked with WWE in the past. While it is not confirmed exactly who they have reached out to, we know they are not technically being picky. There have been rumors of various people, but with no confirmation of who they have reached out to, we don’t know who might be coming back. WWE may not know, either, which is why they’re seemingly pushing for a lot of WWE NXT stars to come up.

It was rumored that six NXT stars were on the list, but now as many as twelve could make their way to the main roster when the split becomes official. Billie Kay made her debut on WWE SmackDown this week, taking one off the table for WWE. Dana Brooke made her debut a little back with the main roster and Emma made her return there before an untimely back injury took her out for a few months.

Who else is on the radar, and when will they make their main roster debuts? According to Ringside News, Finn Balor and American Alpha will be making their main roster debuts the moment the brand split becomes official. That means they could end up coming in the week after the WWE Draft, which might be the two nights after WWE Battleground next month. They always could debut the night of the WWE Draft, but it is not official that they will do so.

Alpha win tag titles [Image via WWE]For those expecting to see Bayley make her highly anticipated main roster debut, you may have to wait a bit longer. She will be coming to the main roster as well, but could be staying with the NXT brand through the Brooklyn special in late August. She would be facing Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship, which would be her rematch for the title after losing it to Asuka back in Dallas on the NXT special the week of WrestleMania 32.

It was rumored last week that WWE did not want to bring Bayley up too soon as she might take focus off of Sasha Banks and Charlotte heading into their rivalry. While they very well could just work one match with each other due to the possibility of each going to a different brand, there still is a huge possibility that Bayley would take focus away from them. To most, Bayley seems like a can’t miss prospect.

Bayley could be bigger than John Cena, some say, which is saying a heck of a lot, but it may not be far off. She seems to be universally liked by fans both male and female. Regardless of the age, she is able to connect. Her mic work and in-ring skill work out well, and her gimmick is perfect. Fans respect her and everything she brings to the table, so delaying her debut won’t hurt her but only make her debut be that much bigger.

Bayley [Image via WWE]Outside of the men mentioned above both Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe are expected to hit the main roster this year as well. Joe could make his debut at any time, whereas Nakamura may come in a bit later.

The thought among most is that some men and women we may not expect to see hit the main roster may actually do so. Billie Kay is just one example this past week, but we could see other random people come up simply because of the need. Carmella and Nia Jax are currently rumored, just to prove that point. However, others like Mojo Rawley could come as well.

Hideo Itami just returned to action this week after being out around a year with a shoulder injury, so he would not be shocking to see come up either. In addition, some from the Cruiserweight Classic could make their way to the main roster. It is thought that Kota Ibushi could win the tournament and make his way to the main roster, bypassing NXT.

Regardless of when these men and women come up, all will be useful to the brand when they do simply because the brand split means each roster has to be filled. It also means more opportunities, so it will be fun to see if some new talent sees big opportunities come their way.

[Image via WWE]