Chris Brown Hasn’t Changed One Bit Since His Episode With Rihanna

Chris Brown is back to being a diva and what he has done recently goes on to prove that the singer hasn’t changed one bit since the domestic abuse incident with Rihanna. The Daily Beast has reported that Chris Brown punched his former manager Michael Guirguis. The lawsuit filed by him states that the singer “turned his (drug-fueled) rage” on the loyal employee, “Shutting Mike G alone into a room with him and brutally attacking him—punching him four times in the face and neck.”

In another episode at a club, Chris Brown tossed a girl’s phone as he has a no taping policy, TMZ has stated. The eyewitnesses say “he simply took the phone, hurled it over his shoulder, then had security kick her out of VIP.” However, no cops were called and the security found her phone and returned it to her.


Not just this, Suge Knight has also sued Chris Brown for a shooting incident that happened in 2014 where he was wounded. Knight has filed a case against 1OAK nightclub, Pia Mia Perez, and Brown. Chris Brown and Perez had hosted the party on the eve of MTV Video Music Awards in August 2014, CNN has reported.

“As a result of the negligence of the defendants, one or more unknown individuals were allowed access to the event with weapons, including firearms,” the complaint states. “As a foreseeable result, gunshots were fired by those admitted into the event and [Knight] was shot and seriously injured.”

Chris Brown never fails to make news for the wrong reasons. The Inquisitr reported that the singer hit a new low when he was booted out of his own private jet for smoking. Chris Brown was traveling with his friends and was later asked to leave the plane by the pilot. Clearly, one has to behave in the most hopeless fashion to get kicked out of ones’ own plane.

The Inquisitr quoted Time magazine as saying that Chris Brown was almost on the verge of committing suicide when he pleaded guilty to domestic violence case against him.

“I went from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1,” Brown said in the trailer for Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary. “I felt like a f***ing monster … I was thinking about suicide, I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate.”

However, it looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna have been talking to each other. The sources have even said that Rihanna called Chris Brown on his birthday and paid him a lot of compliments.

“Ri was full of compliments. She told him how proud of him she is and made clear that he’s matured greatly. She told him to keep coming with the hits and gave him the biggest compliment of all by telling him he’s still sexy as f**k,” a source told Hollywood Life.

“Chris is so spoiled,” said the insider. “He got mad birthday love from his two favorite girls – Ro Ro (Royalty) and RiRi. Ri called him and wished him a happy birthday while he was playing with his daughter.”

Also, Chris Brown is going to talk about what happened with him. “Chris told [Rihanna] he was considering doing a documentary and that he would be talking about that nightmare night,” the source told Hollywood Life exclusively. “At first, she was surprised he wanted to go public with this. She cautioned him that he had to be mentally and emotionally prepared to go back and relive it. However, he reassured her that this was something good, something he wanted to do. She supported him, and still supports him.”

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[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]