Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton: Why Blake’s Not Ready To Get Married

Marriage rumors seem to be perpetually circling Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, yet the wedding has not been verified by either party, and new claims are surfacing that the wedding is on hold all due to Blake. Does the country star have cold feet at the thought of tying the knot once more?

It’s reported that 40-year-old Shelton is still madly in love with the blonde bombshell, yet the thought of a wedding is still a bit “daunting” to him, as Hollywood Life shares. A source spoke with the publication about the adorable couple’s plans and hesitations.

“Blake is having a blast with being on set again for ‘The Voice.’ He is loving getting ready to be on the road more and he loves that Gwen is the backbone of all the good things that are happening in his life right now. But as much as he is in love with Gwen he is not in much of a rush to get married.”

The source went on to share that this does not spell out the end for the happy couple who have been there for one another during very difficult times in each other’s lives.

“But that shouldn’t be considered a bad thing at all. It just isn’t their time right now. He is happy with how everything is going with the relationship but it doesn’t need the extra layer of marriage to it just yet. They are having a good time with things and don’t need to rush into anything at all. That is one major reason why it works, because they aren’t rushing into anything. It is nice just to enjoy the process.”

It’s clear that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are simply happy with how things are in the now and rushing to the altar is not something that either are going to force on the other. The couple reportedly doesn’t see marriage as a necessity right now for their relationship to work. The couple is still going strong, and that is all that matters.

As the publication reminds, both Gwen and Blake went through some pretty difficult divorces last year. Gwen is still dealing with her divorce and the heartbreak that went along with it due to the fact that she discovered her husband of 13 years had been cheating on her with the couple’s nanny. Gavin Rossdale, Gwen’s ex, has since been made the subject of a number of the pop star’s recent hits, such as “Used to Love You.”

Gwen and Blake are in a happy place and in no way need rings to prove their love for one another and to continue their solid relationship. No matter where the two are spotted together, their interactions involve tons of PDA and sweet comments about one another to the media. Although a walk down the aisle may not be in the cards for the pair at this point, the way the two are going seems to spell out long term love, devotion, and commitment, which may in turn eventually lead to marriage.

The talented couple first became close as co-judges on the hit TV show The Voice. In mid-2015 rumors started to fly that the pair were an item. Both Shelton and Stefani denied these claims for months. Finally it was clear that the two were smitten with one another and they decided to fess up to their affection for one another. By fall, Gwen and Blake had announced their relationship status and have been inseparable ever since. The pair has even written and recorded a duet together that they performed at the Billboard Music Awards, entitled, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” as Rolling Stone reports.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]