‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Reaches Out To Chad, Deimos, Chloe, And Nicole Return To Salem, And Philip Makes A Move

What is coming up on Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives? Spoilers share that Chad will find something from Abigail at the house while Deimos and Nicole will work on a plan for his return to Salem. Philip makes an interesting move and Blanca is looking to celebrate her new job at the hospital. What else is on the way with the June 30 show?

Abigail left Shady Hills on her own and Chad has been desperate to find her. There was some evidence that she had been at the DiMera estate, and Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps reveal that Chad will find a note from her at the house.

Chad had been working on a plan to get Abigail out of Shady Hills, but ultimately, she decided she couldn’t wait. Fans can likely expect this note to be an emotional and heartbreaking one, as Abigail is expected to remain unseen until this fall when a new actress takes over the role. Viewers are heartbroken that “Chabby” did not get more happy times together once they got married before Mansi left, but they will be anxious to give the new actress a shot when she begins appearing this fall.

Nicole went to visit Chloe and was stunned to find Deimos there alive and well. Of course, Nicole is desperate to see him return to Salem so she can be cleared of the charges regarding his supposed murder, but Deimos isn’t ready to make a grand appearance yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail, however, that Deimos will agree to return with her, and they will start to make plans to take down Kate.

Blanca has just received a job offer from the hospital and Days of Our Lives spoilers from SheKnows Soap share that she will end up doing some celebrating with Dario. Adriana brought Blanca to town to try to distract Rafe, but it is clear that he is not over Hope or ready to move on to a new relationship. Could Dario and Blanca end up kicking off a romance instead?


Belle and Shawn have reunited now, but it sounds like Philip will have a weak moment of struggling over his feelings for her. The buzz is that he will get drunk and cross paths with Belle. It sounds as if he may try to plant a kiss on her and this will surely make for an awkward moment. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he will cross paths with Chloe during Thursday’s show as well, and viewers suspect that this will be the first step in putting these two back together again romantically.

As the rest of the week plays out, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Rafe will discover that Aiden paid Andre a visit in jail and the word is that Rafe will very soon be figuring out what Andre and Aiden have been coordinating with one another. The two shady men will connect again and with Andre connected now to both Kate and Aiden, Andre surely has some twisted plans in mind now that he is out of jail again.

What will Nicole and Deimos do in their return to Salem and how will Kate react when she learns that he is still alive? What will Abigail write in her letter to Chad, and where will she go as she works on staying hidden? Will Philip and Chloe reunite now that she is said to be headed back to Salem for an extended period? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there are juicy twists and turns on the way and fans will be quite curious to see what comes next.


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