Airplane Door Falls From The Sky, Man Keeps Piece As Good Luck Charm

Kent, WA – John Hansen believes in luck, particularly since a refrigerator-door-sized piece of sheet metal fell from the sky and landed in his neighborhood, missing every nearby person, vehicle, and house. The metal, later identified as a piece of a Boeing 767 airplane, crashed in a quiet neighborhood in Kent on Friday. Resident Leah Dermody reported to KTVB.Com that she and her neighbors rushed outside to investigate upon hearing the sound. In photos that Dermody took, a serial number can be made out, but no one seems to know the story of why it fell. Several residents reported hearing “a plane pass very low over the neighborhood just before the part dropped.” According to Seattle’s King 5 News, the Federation Aviation Administration took the metal sheet as part of their pending investigation but not before John Hansen kept a piece of it for himself.

“A souvenir. Keep it and see how lucky I was,” Hansen told King 5 News, “It’s gotta be a one in a million shot.”

Hansen is no stranger to luck. Before avoiding being hit by airplane parts falling from the sky and crashing into his neighborhood, he survived a heart attack and a sinking boat. When speaking of his heart attack, Hansen comments, “Fortunately, I was driving by the hospital at the time.” But having a random piece of a huge aircraft land in his neighborhood? “That’s a new experience,” states Hansen.

The FAA has not yet concluded their investigation, but did identify the part as a portion of a landing gear door. The following video by Today tells the story:

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