WWE News: Steve Austin and Goldberg Talk Wrestling Part 2—You Won’t Believe How ‘Who’s Next’ Was Created

On Thursday, WWE Hall of Fame inductee and professional wrestling icon “Stone Cold” Steve Austin released the second part of his interview with Bill Goldberg on his podcast, The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Part one of the interview debuted last Thursday, and as The Inquisitr reported, Goldberg left the audience with a cliff hanger when he was asked why he left the WWE. On this week’s episode Goldberg started the show from where he left off.

“Elements of it weren’t fun for me anymore. See, every time I make a comment I have to backtrack and understand that people are going to take certain elements of it the wrong way. Certain elements of it were negative. The fan’s reaction, the ability to pick guys up and smash them in the face without getting put in jail—that was awesome.”

Austin asked if he felt like a square peg in a round hole when he was at the end of his run with the WWE.

“It was a square peg in a round hole. I’m not going to speak for anybody on their end, but I don’t think from the beginning that either one of us gave it a fair shot. I mean, I don’t know. Like I said, I had a predisposed idea of what I was going to encounter…negativity, period. End of story. Whatever it may be, whether it be because of what I ask for, because of what I say, because of what I do, because of what I don’t do—everything. Honestly, I’m not trying to be vague, everything. I always felt as though I was a football player at a frat party. To me that’s a pretty fair analogy.”

Goldberg delivers a clothesline to Triple H at the 2003 Survivor Series [Photo via WWE]
During the year Goldberg spent in the WWE at the end of his wrestling career, rumors surrounded the superstar that he was difficult to work with. It has also been rumored that certain wrestler’s resented him for having his own locker room. It was apparent that Goldberg wasn’t as comfortable in the WWE as he was in WCW. As the two discussed the differences between the locker rooms of the two companies, Steve Austin remarked, “You weren’t at home?”

“No man. That’s why, and because of maybe the position that I was at, that’s why at times I had my own locker room and that was looked upon in a negative way. And I’m not trying to be a badass, you know me dude, okay. But if a caged animal—if a f*****g Tyrannosaurus rex—chooses to be in a room because he knows that the path of least resistance is much more favorable in everybody’s outcome, then so be it. What’s wrong with that? It wasn’t because I couldn’t co-exist with people. It was just because I came in and did my job, and I felt as though if I contributed in that respect, I didn’t have to go interact with this guy and that guy. I was trying to be business. And if people looked at that in a negative way then I’m sorry.”

Steve Austin delivers a ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ to Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX [Photo via WWE]
Goldberg was on fire in WCW and in the WWE; fans donned his merchandise and signs of his slogan “Who’s Next?” were seen throughout arena’s worldwide. Goldberg revealed the story on how the concept of the slogan was created, and as Goldberg shared the account, laughter from both superstars could be heard.

“You know how I came up with ‘Who’s Next?’ This is even funnier. I was in San Bernardino, we were doing TV tapings, and this is before anything. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant…So I’m sitting down with one of the producer’s of The Love Boat and my brother Steve. We’re about to order and the producer looks at me and he says, ‘You know you have to have a gimmick. You have to have a saying. You have to have a slogan; you got to get people behind you.’ And I said, ‘You know what? You’re right.’ You know where I’m going don’t you? So the waitress comes up, she looks and she goes, ‘Who’s next?’ And that was it. I swear to God. I looked at them and I went, ‘That’s it. Who’s Next?'”

[Photo via WWE]
This week’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed also touched on Goldberg’s charity work that he has done for children. The duo also shared stories about their roles in the Adam Sandler movie, The Longest Yard. It was endearing to hear them rib each other and exchange laughs as they conversed and recalled memories. Goldberg reminisced with Austin regarding the first time they met.

“I’ll never forget the times. There were wonderful, wonderful f******g times in the wrestling business for me. One of the most wonderful was meeting you for the first time. It was f*****g cool—it was cool. I had heard so much about you. I had seen so much about you. And obviously we’ve always been compared against each other. But to shake your hand and look you in the eyes, and here you talk to me and call me ‘kid’, it was an honor man. It was cool—it was really neat.”

Bill Goldberg, without doubt, will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Everything about him was unique, from his entrance, his winning streak, to his slogan; like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Goldberg shook up the wrestling world.

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