R. Kelly Now Owes $6.2 Million In Unpaid Taxes

R. Kelly now owes more than $6 million in unpaid taxes. The singer-songwriter was already in trouble with federal and state governments after it was discovered that he had failed to complete tax returns from 2005 through 2010. R. Kelly as of last year had owed $4,848,072.71.

Now the state of Illinois has filed a brand new claim against the singer, claiming that R. Kelly owes Illinois’ revenue department $1,379,695.11 for the 2011 tax year.

A representative for the singer tells Perez Hilton:

“He takes this very seriously and is already communicating with the IRS about the payment process to quickly resolve the issue.”

Most of us communicate with the IRS by filing taxes; apparently R. Kelly for the last 6 years was hoping for a more intimate encounter down the road.

In the meantime, R. Kelly is hoping to earn some of that needed money by going back to his roots. As we recently reported, Kelly has promised to release another album full of explicit scenarios. Kelly’s last two albums have been more intimate affairs geared at romance and love.

R. Kelly is also preparing for his upcoming Trapped Tour, which, if successful, could help him chip away at the millions of dollars he currently owes in state and federal taxes.

The IRS has already slapped a tax lien on R. Kelly’s past and future earning, which means he is paying back that money one way or another. Illinois will also likely go after the singer’s earnings given the sizeable amount owed to the Illinois revenue service.

It is unclear at this time if R. Kelly has managed to pay off any of his tax lien.

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