‘Coupled’ Spoilers: Did Michelle Tam Stay With Her Ex After Reuniting?

Everyone is loving watching the couples form on the new Fox show Coupled. Michelle Tam joined the show and tried to find love, but things just didn’t work out. Tam kept thinking about her ex at home, who happens to be the father of her child. Reality TV World shared about how it went down and how things are going for Michelle and her ex now that she is back home again.


Michelle actually broke up with Ben Rosenfield on the show and explained that she was still thinking about her ex. Michelle made the decision to go home and see if she could work things out with him. Instead of that happening, they actually brought Michelle’s ex to meet her there along with her son. She rushed out to see him and kissed her ex right away. It was obvious that Michelle Tam was ready to work things out.

When he showed up, Michelle thought it was a new guy, and she wasn’t even interested. She knew the man that she wanted and didn’t have any plans of meeting another one. Eventually, Michelle Tam saw that it was actually her man there and she ran out to see him and embrace her son that she had been missing while she was there.

It was a very heartfelt moment, and Michelle Tam realized that the right guy for her was right in front of her all along. She shared that her ex Eran still wanted to be with her, but she just wasn’t ready to be with him. Michelle acted ready to fix things as soon as she went home from Coupled. It was obvious that Michelle’s ex knew why he was there and that she was ready to try and fix their broken relationship.


Now that Michelle is back home, it turns out that things didn’t work out with her and her ex. After getting home from the show, Michelle Tam went to her Twitter to share that things didn’t work out in the long run. She said, “We aren’t a #coupled today but we R grateful 4 the second chance on love, a fairytale moment that will live forever!” Along with it, Michelle Tam shared some pictures of when Eran showed up to see her on the show. This was an amazing reunion for them.

Michelle Tam also has an Instagram page where she has been sharing what is going on in her life along with screenshots of the show Coupled.


Coupled is all about bringing together random people to try to make a love connection. All of the women get to meet the man and decide if they want to get to know him better or not. Then he ends up picking two women to get to know and decide which one he wants to head to the Couple’s Villa and try to start a relationship with. Right now, several couples are there together and trying to make things work. It will be interesting to see if things work out for any of these couples in the long run. It is too bad that Michelle Tam didn’t work things out with her ex when she got back home from the show Coupled.

Are you shocked to hear that Michelle Tam and her ex-boyfriend Eran didn’t work things out when they got home? Do you think that Michelle made a mistake by leaving early? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Coupled on Tuesday nights on Fox.

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