‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2: Caity Lotz Discusses White Canary’s New Love, Earth-2, Real Life Fight Skills, And This Scientist And DC Comics Character Shows Up Next Season

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 landed in the DCTV Universe to mixed reviews and ended with some hope for Season 2 success. Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will sport a few less Season 1 characters, but some will return, and new characters are on the way as well. Caity Lotz went from Canary, to a corpse, and then reborn as the White Canary, who is a Legends of Tomorrow series regular. According to a report by Comicbook, Caity Lotz’s White Canary will have a new love interest in Season 2.

“I think Sara might get a new girlfriend!”

Lotz also stated that she believes Katrina Law’s Nyssa Al Ghul will have a brief stint or appearance in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, but that is the only word at this time, and she did not indicate if they will rekindle their relationship. Captain Cold/White Canary’s, or as Twitter has mused “Captain Canary,” romance fans will likely be disappointed by this. Though, Lotz’s White Canary doesn’t tend to stay in relationships for too long, and Captain Cold is expected to return at some point in Season 2. Caity Lotz also hopes to drop in on Earth-2 next Season to meet her doppelganger, and obviously, another whom Sara Lance misses dearly.


“I think it’d be really cool to see the Black Siren, which is Katie Cassidy. I want to see Katie Cassidy and Danielle Panabaker’s evil alter egos. I want to go head-to-head with them.”

Lotz opined about what exactly her character’s doppelganger would be like, and considering Sara Lance’s demeanor and rapport in Earth-1, it is likely accurate.

“Chill and simple. I’d be, like, a librarian, or knit scarves. That’s what Sara does in Earth Two.”

Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance/White Canary/Canary is a trained assassin with the League of Assassins and a fierce warrior in the DCTV Universe, but are her moves merely White Canary’s alone? Unbeknownst to some Legends of Tomorrow fans, there is a little bit of Caity Lotz behind those onscreen fighting skills. Lotz recently explained where they come from.

“I started with dance. And I used to go to this gym to go flip around and breakdance. There were martial artists at the same gym, and I started teaching them to dance, and then they started teaching me martial arts. And I was like, ‘Ooh, this is fun.’ Then I thought maybe I’d want to be a stunt girl.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 had the team drop in on some historical figures during their time travels throughout history. TVLine reports that the Legends team will run into the father of atomic warfare, Mr. E=MC², Albert Einstein, but he apparently will not be the same Einstein that you’re used to seeing. TVLine describes the Legends of Tomorrow Albert Einstein.

“Look for the Legends of Tomorrow crew to cross paths with a circa-1942 Albert Einstein in Season 2, but they’re disillusioned to discover that the legendary scientist is a snarky, brusque skirt-chaser. Needless to say, he proves to be quite a handful when they attempt to save his life.”


Besides love interests and atomic scientists, there are new DC Comics characters coming to Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. Minority Report actor Nick Zano fills the void of DC Comics’ Citizen Steel, who will be a part of the team for Season 2. Citizen Steel comes along for the ride, as a part of the Justice Society of America subplot that was revealed in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale, when Rex Tyler/Hourman showed up to alert the team to an issue within the timeline.

No other new characters have been added to the Legends of Tomorrow roster, but there are a few more spots to fill. With the Justice Society of America being named dropped, who knows how many more DC Comics characters will show up this fall.

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