Convicted Sex Offender, Who Was Given A Life Sentence, Bit Inside Of Cheek And Spat Mouthful Of Blood At Teen Victim In New Jersey Courtroom

A New Jersey man, Clifford W. Wares, 43, of Warwick was sentenced to life in prison for grooming underage girls online, forcing them to exchange nude photos, engage in bestiality, and perform sex acts on him, according to the North Jersey.

However, before Wares was sentenced to life in prison, one of his victims – who was 13 when the pair met online via Facebook in June 2011 – read an impact statement in a Newark courtroom. When she finished, documents stated that as she was walking back to her seat, Wares bit his cheek and spat a mouthful of blood at his teen victim.

Officers in the courtroom didn’t hesitate to tackle the convicted sex offender to the floor, placed a netted mask over his face, and escorted him to a holding cell, where he watched the rest of the hearing from a television screen.

When Wares’ attorney, Thomas Ambrosio, returned to the sentencing hearing, he informed the court that his client became irate after listening to his victim’s impact statement. Ambrosio then reportedly bit his cheek and spat a mouthful of blood at the victim. The victim, who is now 18, simply “recounted the pain and suffering she endured” five years ago from the defendant, who “she was deceptively lured into an online relationship with and became involved in the “twisted fantasies of a pedophile that she could not escape.”

Documents stated that the convicted sex offender created a fake Facebook account and pretended to be a teenager that his victim knew so that she would accept his friend request.

He was then able to convince the underage girl to send him nude images and videos. However, when the teen refused to engage in sex acts with an animal, he reportedly “exposed those videos to her friends and family,” which led the teen to contemplate suicide.

The teen told the court that she later discovered that it was a 38-year-old man behind the Facebook account that she thought belonged to her friend.

According to WBMF News, Wares also targeted another girl, 14, online, but this time, he picked the teen up from school, traveling from his home to Passaic County in northern New Jersey. The two went to a local park where he allegedly forced her to engage in sex acts with him, but he allegedly threatened her reputation when she refused to meet up again.

Not long after grooming underage girls online, Wares, who has previous convictions for aggravated harassment, stalking, and attempted coercion of women and girls, was arrested in November 2011 at a local park where he was reportedly living in a tent.

In May of this year, Wares was convicted for the production of child pornography, traveling from New York to Passaic County to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a second minor, two counts of online enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual conduct and two counts of making extortionate threats after a six-day trial.

Before U.S District Judge Esther Salas sentenced the convicted sex offender to life in prison, she stated that he was “pure evil” and “every parent’s worst nightmare come to life.”

When Wares, who was restricted from entering the courtroom after biting his cheek and spitting a mouthful of blood at his victim, was given a chance to address the court, he raised a finger in an “indecent gesture at the judge as his image was projected on a large screen in the courtroom.” Wares then stated that “this whole escapade is ridiculous. I have been innocent from Day one.” He went on to say that he will “appeal his conviction.”

“I’ll fight and fight and fight for my freedom once again.”

Despite his claims to be an innocent man, Clifford W. Wares was sentenced to life in prison.

[Image via Getty Images/ Michelly Rall]