Trick Daddy Threatens Woman In Angry Facebook Rant On Film– Will This Affect His Role On ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’? [Video]

Trick Daddy was pretty angry when he took to Facebook Live during a profanity-laced rant. The Miami rapper spit on his own cell phone as he filmed himself ranting and raving during a recent Facebook live session. The aftermath of Trick Daddy’s rant is now trending on Twitter, and many fans are wondering if the shocking threats against women that he made during the tirade will affect his place on the cast of the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Miami series on VH1.

Apparently, Trick Daddy was really angry at someone who made a comment about him on Facebook and that inspired a scary rant on social media about what he would do if the unknown person kept talking about him. Rather than trying to work things out quietly or ignoring an inflammatory comment altogether, the Miami rapper put the commentator on blast while he went off for more than three minutes on Facebook Live.

When the Facebook rant started off with, “Keep my name out your mouth b***h before I stick a pistol in your mouth,” it was pretty clear that this wasn’t headed anywhere good.

Later in the rant, Trick Daddy continued to curse out whoever was bold enough to anger him via social media. Then he turned his insults to the men in his life by offering to show them. The entire Facebook Live session was filled with so much profanity and so many threats of violence that Black Sports Online suggested that he could end up being accused of making terrorist threats.

Trick Daddy’s bizarre Facebook rant seems out of character even for him. The Miami rapper and aspiring reality TV star hasn’t lashed out on anyone publicly like that before. Not to mention that no one even knows who made him so angry or what they even said.

Twice during the rant, Trick Daddy was so angry that he literally spit at the camera. The thing is, his camera is also his cell phone. So in a fit of rage, the Miami rapper spit on his own cell phone in order to prove just how mad he was about whatever it was that set him off. Hopefully, he has one of those water resistant phones and didn’t break it in the process of freaking out on Facebook.

Many of Trick Daddy’s fans spoke out about his rant on Twitter and suggested that the rapper tone it down a little bit. Others worried about whether or not something like that might jeopardize his position on the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Miami.

The Inquisitr reported in April that Mona Scott-Young and VH1 had allegedly given the Miami spinoff the green light. It was Trick Daddy himself who confirmed the show and said that he was going to be one of the stars in the newest city to be featured by the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

With the reported firings coming down across the board for the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast, does Trick Daddy’s recent outburst mean that he could also be cut from a reality show before it even airs? It seems that threatening to put a pistol in anyone’s mouth in a social media recording is worrisome on its own, but how will his explosive temper carry over to reality TV?

Check out the video of Trick Daddy cursing out the camera in this profanity -laced rant but be warned, it is definitely NSFW. Tell us in the comments section below if you think this may affect his place on Love & Hip Hop Miami.

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