Kevin Jonas And Wife Danielle Reveal Gender Of Second Baby, Is It Nuts Or No Nuts?

It is an exciting time for Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle as they are expecting their second child later this year. They made the announcement in April that they are pregnant with baby number two. Now, a couple months later, the couple has revealed that this new little one is another girl.

Their firstborn, Alena Rose, was the focus in the Twitter post that her daddy sent out to the world. It is the cutest collage of photos that depicts the two-year-old making the reveal that she is having a little sister. Alena is holding a pink balloon that is almost as big as she is that has baby girl written on it. She looks like she is happy about the news as much as her mom and dad are. You can tell how excited Kevin Jonas is by his announcement with the photo.

“We’re having a GIRL!!!!!!!!”

Kevin is really thrilled that he is having another daughter. In an interview he did last month for Sirius XM satellite radio show Nigel Barker’s Gentleman’s Code, he said that his preference this time would be to have a second girl. Of course, he was quick to point out that his first priority is that their child is born healthy, but another female to add to his brood would be awesome, according to the eldest Jonas boy.

“I’ve actually always wanted two girls. I just want a healthy baby, to clarify. I want healthy children. But I’ve always like wanted two kids that were both girls and my wife was like, ‘Why?’ I’m like, ‘Because I’ve been around boys so much my entire life that I want to be surrounded by, you know, girls.'”

Will Kevin and Danielle be the opposite of the Jonas parents, Kevin Sr. and Denise, and have four girls instead of four boys? That remains to be seen, but it would be funny if they did.

You may have wondered just what that Twitter photo that Danielle posted over the weekend was all about. The snapshot showed a couple of jars filled with two different kinds of M&M’s. One jar had the word “nuts” written on it and the other one had the sign that read “no nuts.” It was finally revealed via an Instagram video that it was all part of the gender reveal party.

The jars were filled with the sweet candies according to what everyone thought the gender of this Jonas baby will be. The appropriate jar was then held up to show that this baby is a girl.

While his two brothers, Joe and Nick, have been making music and touring, Kevin Jonas has been busy making babies and living more of a simple life outside of the music industry. Since the Jonas Brothers band split up in 2013, the boys have gone their separate directions with Nick having a successful solo career and Joe forming his own band known as DNCE. Kevin has been happy building houses as a contractor and working at various other projects. He is still in the spotlight but more low-key than his younger siblings, and it looks like he is very happy with how things have turned out.

Kevin Jonas will be featured on Oprah: Where Are They Now? this fall as he was interviewed about the split of the Jonas Brothers. The Huffington Post showed a short clip of the interview with the 28-year-old dad talking about the friction that him and his brothers had between them at the time before the breakup.

“We were forced to be together because we were working together; when that’s no longer there, then you make the personal decision and choice to spend the time or not. You learn very quickly where you feel fulfilled and where you don’t.”

Kevin Jonas having second child.
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It was a tough time for all of them, but these days everything is good between them. They always take to social media to promote and congratulate each other on their successes. Both Nick and Joe will be totally thrilled to have another little niece to love. It is obvious that Alena Rose is adored and spoiled by her famous uncles.

Congratulations to Kevin and Danielle Jonas on this new baby girl that they are adding to their expanding family.

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