Calvin Harris ‘Astonished & Bewildered’ After Taylor Swift Meets Tom Hiddleston’s Mom

Calvin Harris has allegedly been left “bewildered and astonished” after Taylor Swift flew to the U.K. to meet new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston’s mom this past weekend, despite her never meeting his parents during their 15-month romance.

Just days after photos surfaces of Taylor spending time with Hiddleston’s family in Suffolk, England, were published by Daily Mail, TMZ is reporting that Harris finds Swift’s new whirlwind romance with the actor “f****** laughable.”

According to the site, Calvin was left “bewildered and astonished” after he saw snaps of Taylor and Tom in the U.K. with Hiddleston’s mom this week, seeing as the couple have only been dating for the past few weeks.

Despite Taylor and Calvin dating for over a year, and even with rampant reports of a wedding before their split at the end of May, the site is claiming that Swift always allegedly told Calvin that heading to Scotland to meet his family was “too far away” and supposedly never met those close to the Scottish DJ.

The latest reports speculating on how Calvin really feels about his ex-girlfriend moving on so fast comes just days after Harris appeared to tell fans on Instagram that he felt “free” since splitting with Taylor just weeks ago.

E! Online claimed last week that Calvin got seriously candid about his split from Swift on the social media site, replying to a slew of comments from inquisitive fans asking about the break-up.

A number of comments from Calvin, which have since been deleted, alluded to the fact that Harris wasn’t exactly sad about the split, including one where Calvin hit back at an Instagram user who claimed he was “jealous” of Swift’s new romance with Tom with the response, “Not jealous sir, FREE.”

In another candid comment left on one of Harris’s posts, Calvin was accused of hating Taylor because she moved on so quickly after their break up, to which Harris then replied, “I don’t at all.”

Calvin Harris also allegedly alluded to the cozy photos of Swift and Hiddleston on the beach near her Rhode Island home which were published by The Sun almost two weeks ago, where Harris suggested that Swift “controlled the media” and even appeared to hint that she knew the pictures were being taken and released.

“She controlled the media and this situation,” Calvin told a fan who asked why neither he nor Taylor officially spoke out about the reason behind their split. “I had no idea what was going on,” Harris continued, “so that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.”

The latest drama surrounding Taylor and Calvin comes amid reports that their split may not have been as amicable as the two initially suggested.

Just hours before photos of Swift and Hiddleston getting cozy leaked online, Harris went on a social media cleanse, deleting all trace of his and Taylor’s 15-month romance from his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Harris also deleted his tweet claiming that the two had a cordial split and also opted to unfollow both Swift and her brother Austin on the social media accounts, though he now appears to be following Taylor once again.

Harris also appeared to take a subtle dig at Taylor with his choice of footwear after their breakup, as Calvin was spotted out just days after he and Swift announced their split wearing Yeezys, Kanye West’s brand of footwear.

The Sun claimed that the choice appeared to be a dig at Taylor, as Calvin stepping out in West’s brand came just days after Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, put Swift on serious blast in GQ magazine.

Calvin’s shoe decision appeared even more suspicious seeing as Taylor’s brother, Austin, made headlines by throwing his pair Yeezys in the trash after the rapper referred to Taylor as a “b****” in the track, “Famous.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Taylor Swift never met Calvin Harris’s parents during their 15-month romance?

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