Elizabeth Warren Vice President? Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Potential VP Warren Amid Approval Rating Spike

Speculation is growing that Elizabeth Warren could be named Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee as the pair campaign together. Since she secured the Democratic nomination and became the party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a wealth of support from across the DNC. A large portion of that support has come from Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently endorsed Hillary Clinton and now plans to head out on the campaign trail with her party’s nominee.

According to the New York Times, Elizabeth Warren looks set to put her differences with Hillary Clinton aside as the pair prepare to campaign together. Warren’s support is likely to come as a result of her ongoing dispute with Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump. With that in mind, it remains to be seen whether or not Warren is directly supporting Clinton’s campaign for the presidency or simply looking to prevent Donald Trump from taking the top job.

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton Campaigning in North Carolina

As mentioned, there’s growing speculation that Hillary Clinton could opt for an all-female ticket following reports that Warren has met with the Clinton aide responsible for vetting vice presidential candidates. The move has been pegged as a smart one considering Clinton needs to pick up votes from progressive Bernie Sanders supporters.

According to the Washington Times, the Ohio event could be used as an opportunity by Clinton’s team to garner an understanding of how well Warren performs alongside their candidate, before making the official announcement around Hillary Clinton’s running mate at the Democratic National Convention at the end of July 2016. With less than a month until delegates to the DNC officially confirm Hillary Clinton as the party’s 2016 nominee, it’s almost a given that Clinton’s campaign has a good idea about her VP pick.

That being said, Bernie Sanders, who has now effectively lost the nomination to Clinton, is still promising to take his supporter base to the convention in Philadelphia. It’s that same supporter base that many within Clinton’s campaign feel will let them down when Clinton comes to face Donald Trump later this year. With that in mind, Elizabeth Warren’s progressive views place her perfectly to pick up votes from many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters left disenfranchised by Hillary Clinton’s winning of the Democratic nomination.


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A combination of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are quickly being seen as a force to be reckoned with. Both are widely seen as the most powerful women in the Democratic party, however, there’s also concern that Clinton’s decision to place Warren on the ticket will lose her support from moderate voters. It’s fair to say that Hillary Clinton has been placed in something of an impossible position, having to choose between Sanders supporters and anti-Trump Republican voters.

However, Clinton and Warren’s working together is largely being seen as a positive, especially considering their previously somewhat frosty relationship. In fact, during their time in the Senate, the pair rarely crossed paths, a theme that later followed as each played an important role in the Obama administration.

Elizabeth Warren has in recent months become one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics, with regular Twitter spats between the pair. With that in mind, it looks to be the case that Warren is prepared to put her differences with Hillary Clinton aside in order to prevent Donald Trump from making it to the White House. However, for Bernie Sanders’ supporters, it likely means that their candidate will be pushed out of the race when the Democratic National Convention comes about in July.

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