Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate: News Emerges That Bernie Sanders Is Not Being Vetted For Vice President Following His Failed Campaign

Hillary Clinton may have beaten Bernie Sanders and secured the Democratic nomination. However, there’s still a fair amount of concern within the Clinton campaign that Bernie Sanders’ supporters won’t transfer their support to Hillary in the general election later this year, and could instead choose Donald Trump or a third party candidate.

With that in mind, Bernie Sanders has been widely speculated to be in the running for Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick on the Democratic ticket. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders isn’t currently being vetted by the Clinton campaign, pretty much ruling out that Sanders could be Clinton’s running mate, with the campaign reportedly looking at politically similar Elizabeth Warren instead.

Presumptive Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton Campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio
Presumptive Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton Campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio [Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images]
Hillary Clinton’s campaign was keen to stress that they’re still in the very early stages of picking the former Secretary of State’s running mate and hadn’t formally approached any of the candidates for more detailed background information. However, the very likely choice still remains Elizabeth Warren.

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently came out in support of Hillary Clinton, finally offering a formal endorsement following Clinton’s securing of the nomination. Warren is often seen as one of the most progressive Democrats in the Senate and as such wouldn’t have ordinarily been a stand-out choice as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. However, as aforementioned, there’s a good deal of concern that Hillary Clinton won’t be able to win over support from Bernie Sanders’ supports this November, and Warren’s political position might just be able to help her.

When she was asked if she’d consider Bernie Sanders as her running mate, Hillary Clinton was very keen to rebut the question, saying “I haven’t even begun to sort all that out. There are a lot of really qualified, dynamic candidates, I’m sure, to be considered for vice president.” However, with the 2016 Democratic National Convention now just over a month away, Hillary Clinton will need to make her decision soon.


When Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in 2008, she quickly fell behind her party’s candidate and endorsed Obama. However, as reported by the New York Times, Bernie Sanders is still yet to endorse his former rival, Hillary Clinton, and there’s doubt over whether or not he will do.

In a private meeting on Tuesday evening, Bernie Sanders is believed to have congratulated Hillary Clinton on her historic win and the pair is said to have spoken about key issues and the dangers of a Donald Trump presidency. The talks came not long before Sanders signalled an end to his presidential campaign, meaning that Hillary Clinton could just have offered Sanders a top job in her administration in exchange for his endorsement. That being said, Bernie Sanders is an incredibly principled man, which is likely to get in the way of his endorsement.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s running mate, a large portion of the attention has been focused on either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. That being said, Clinton is said to be considering other candidates for the job, including Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, amongst other names including the several senators and the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Confirmation of Hillary Clinton’s running mate will come during next month’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, giving Clinton little over a month to make her vice presidential pick.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]