‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey Upsets Social Media, Frank Discusses Votes, And Tiffany Deemed Too Emotional For BB18 [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 has kicked off with quite a first few days. Jozea has made more than a few enemies in the house, and it looks like Corey isn’t too far behind him. Corey admitted last night that his friends squirted lighter fluid on a goat and laughed about it with his friends. Frank talks about the votes, and feels pretty strongly they have enough votes to ensure Paulie is safe for the week. Tiffany was deemed too emotional for the game, and the alliance agrees they cannot tell her everything out of fear she may crack or spill secrets.

Corey was once again placed on social media blast when he admitted his friends squirted lighter fluid on a goat, and threatened to burn the animal. He explained that he and his frat brothers thought it would be fun, and didn’t see the harm in it. The houseguests listen to his story in horror, and sternly tell him that they would never do that. He defends his actions by stating only watched the incident and laughed — no harm, right. The Big Brother live feed subscribers couldn’t believe he felt it was okay to watch the poor animal tortured in such a horrible way, let alone why he felt the need to tell America this terrible story.


Big Brother live feed spoilers tease that Frank may not trust all the vets moving forward in the game. He explains that he is leery of working with James because he seems smitten with Nicole. Frank worries that James may want to win so badly he may do whatever it takes to get him out. Frank reveals he thinks they have the votes secured to keep Paulie, but he would feel better if they could get one or two more votes locked in.

Jozea continues to believe he will is not in danger of being evicted on Thursday’s Big Brother LIVE show. Jozea tells Da’Vonne that his next target is Nicole. Apparently, in Jozea’s mind, he thinks the Big Brother fans want Nicole out, and would thank him later for getting her out. Boy, his delusions are getting worse by the day.

Tiffany’s gameplay is showing big cracks, and the other houseguests are starting to think they cannot trust her. Big Brother Network reports that she tried to get personal information on a few of the houseguests, with the purpose to use it on them later for leverage. They feel that she is trying to copy her sister’s, Vanessa Rousso’s, strategy, and they will not fall for it.

Big Brother live feed spoilers hinted that the eight pack alliance doesn’t fully trust Tiffany. They feel she is too emotional for the game and decides that they cannot share openly with her. It isn’t good that Tiffany’s alliance has decided to withhold information from her. Unless she can redeem herself, it seems unlikely that she will follow her big sis’ footsteps and make it to the final three.

Later, Tiffany tells Michelle that Da’Vonne offended her in the meeting with the Fatal Five alliance. Apparently, Tiffany was getting worked up, and she told her to calm down. Big Brother spoilers reveal that she thinks that Da’Vonne may need to go soon. Michelle tells her to think about what she is saying because it could hurt her game–which was excellent advice.

Big Brother is pretty intense when you consider it is only Day 11. Usually, it’s pretty calm for a few weeks, and then the fireworks begin. Do you think Tiffany can redeem herself with her alliance? Will Jozea go home this week?

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