‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Jozea’s Antics Continue, Paul Names A New Target, And A Showmance Begins To Form [Spoilers]

Chrissie Williams - Author

Jun. 25 2016, Updated 10:07 a.m. ET

Big Brother live feeds were crazy yesterday, and it didn’t let up throughout the night. Jozea and Paul seem to believe they are both safe and refuse to accept defeat. Nicole, the current Head of Household, has made it no secret that she wants Jozea out this week because he has stated over and over that he is gunning for her. One thing is for sure, Big Brother 18 dialed up the drama this season, and it is showing no signs of dying down anytime soon.

Big Brother live feeds indicate that Jozea has his 2 a.m. BBT (Big Brother time) house meeting with his alliance and they decided that both Paul and he are safe. He believes that it will end up that eight people will vote to evict Paulie on Thursday. It seems unlikely that will be how it will play out on the LIVE eviction show.

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At the house meeting, Jozea claimed that he is “always ten steps ahead of Nicole, so she will never beat him.” The Big Brother live feeds suggest that Jozea believes that both he and Paul will be safe this week, and they can unite to target Nicole next week. Big Brother Network reported that Paul isn’t sure that is the best plan because he feels that James is the most dangerous player in the game. Paul explains that James is smart, and people seem to like him. He worries that if they don’t get James out early, he will win the game this season.

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Big Brother spoilers show Frank giving Paul a lecture about how he treated Nicole after the veto challenge. Apparently, he tossed around a few bad words towards her, and Frank thinks it would be in his best interest to apologize to smooth things over. Paul listens to what Frank has to say and agrees it may help his game if he called a truce with her, and learned to “play nice.”

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Big Brother live feeds indicate that Frank will be the one to name the renomination after Paul removes himself off the block because he won the RoadKill challenge. It isn’t apparent if Frank will make the nomination in secret or if he’ll have to face the houseguests during the veto ceremony. There was some speculation that Frank may name his renomination in the diary room beforehand, and it will merely be announced at the POV ceremony.

Last night on the Big Brother live feeds, a new romance started to form. In the Head of Household room, Nicole admitted that she liked Corey and thought he was cute. She told Da’Vonne that she really didn’t want to make the same mistake of starting a showmance right off the bat and hopes that she can remain objective about the game. Da’Vonne tells her that he’s cute, and she should relax and have fun with him. Will they start a showmance? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure–they sure look cute together.

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Big Brother delivered booze last night, so the houseguests had fun relaxing and getting to know each other while they played a game of spin the bottle and truth or dare, Big Brother Access reported. It led to a few players getting upset about the questions, and Victor had to run through the house naked.

Based on the conversations on Big Brother live feeds in the early morning hours, it looks like Frank’s plan is still to nominate Bridgette and Nicole (current HOH) is on board with the plan, Big Brother Gossip reported. Jozea is still the primary target for the week. They need six votes to evict him, and Nicole thinks they have at least seven locked in.

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