‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Competition Results, Jozea Makes Waves, And New Plans For The Eviction Is Formed [Spoilers]

The Power of Veto results are in, and it looks like Paul will not be leaving the Big Brother house on Thursday’s live show. Paul pulled off a miracle and won the POV, securing his safety for another week. The vets were forced to try to figure out who to nominate in his place, and cannot quite agree who should go on the block. Jozea made waves in the house, ruffling feathers, and creating tension in the house. Paul joked with Jozea that he may not use the POV, just to surprise the other side of the house.

Big Brother 18 has been action-packed today as the players prepared for the POV challenge. The vets felt confident they could win the challenge, but Paul secured a win, which forces Frank into nominating a replacement nominee (providing he uses it on himself).

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paul believes that Paulie is the target for the week, and seriously considers not using the Power of Veto on himself. Jozea doesn’t try to talk him into using it on himself either, and hinted that he should use it on him. Ultimately, Paul stated it would be a stupid move not to use it, and if he were sent home, he would never forgive himself.

Jozea makes waves in the house when he rants about the military again. This time, the feeds were cut almost immediately. The production doesn’t want a repeat of Big Brother 15, and so it appears they are trying to control what the fans see just a little. When he didn’t get a rise out of anyone, he started ranting that the production cheats and helps certain players win challenges. Of course by now, no one is paying him any attention.

Corey explains that Jozea is making him feel very uncomfortable. Apparently, he has hit on him a few times, even though he told him he wasn’t gay. He is scared that Jozea could cross the line, and isn’t afraid top stand up for himself. Big Brother Network reports that he told Zakiyah that if he wakes up to Jozea in his bed, he will lose his cool, and “it won’t be pretty.”

Big Brother spoilers reported that there is some confusion about who will make the decision about the renomination choice. So far, they think that either the current HOH, Nicole, Frank, or possibly Paul will get to name the nominee. Jozea calls a house meeting to discuss who should go up.

As if it is Jozea’s choice to make? Someone needs to let him know that he’s likely going home this week.

During the (pre) house meeting, Jozea ranted that he isn’t going anywhere this week. He said that when he gets Nicole out, he will feel accomplished. He continued to rant about how the vets think they are running things, but it’s really him calling all the shots. Big Brother live feeds showed Paul saying over and over that the live eviction is on Sunday. No one corrected him yet, so he still thinks the eviction show is in two days.

“We run this house, why not let it be known? This is OUR house, Not the vets.”

Big Brother live feeds indicate Frank meets with Nicole and decides that he thinks the right replacement nominee is Bridgette. Jokers Updates reveals that he thinks it is too risky putting Michelle up, considering Paulie is up on the block. He fears they could lose numbers if they lost one of their alliance members. Nicole agrees.

The pow-wow between Frank and Nicole seems to confirm that either Frank or Nicole will be making the final decision on who will be renominated on Sunday or Monday.

Big Brother fans, are you surprised that Paul won the POV competition? Do you think Jozea will go home this week? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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