Michelle Obama’s Nail Polish During Convention Speech Turns Heads, It’s Advanced Nail Design’s ‘Vogue’

Michelle Obama’s nail polish on the night of her big DNC speech made nearly as much of a splash as the First Lady herself, and social media sites instantly began buzzing about Mrs. O’s “griege” manicure.

While Michelle Obama’s nail polish isn’t necessarily a pressing issue for voters (or perhaps a press-on issue, amirite?), the First Lady is and has been traditionally somewhat of an arbiter of style dating back at least to Jackie Kennedy, and her love of Chanel’s creations.

Michelle Obama definitely represents a newer, hipper version of First Lady compared to First Ladies past, and her nail polish was also, in relation to wife-of-the-President fashion, a bit risque. Style mavens the web over searched to discover what shade Michelle Obama’s nail polish was, and if that was your highlight for Mrs. Obama’s convention showing, your long national nightmare is now over.

It turns out that along with her Tracy Reese dress and J. Crew heels, Mrs. Obama sported a shade of gel nail polish from the line Artistic Nail Design. The company confirmed that Michelle Obama’s nail polish was one of theirs on their website, saying:

“After Michelle Obama walked on stage for her Democratic National Convention speech, the internet was in a frenzy to figure out exactly what color she was wearing on her nails. MSNBC did some investigating and confirmed that the nail color she had on was none other than Artistic Nail Design™ in ‘Vogue.'”

Before Michelle Obama’s nail polish color was confirmed, competitor OPI released a statement speculating that Mrs. O had donned a shade from their spring/summer collection in a similar griege tone, called “I Don’t Give a Rotterdam.” And the OPI version does offer a similar look to Michelle Obama’s nail polish without the need for a nail technician using the UV gel system.

Were you impressed by Michelle Obama’s nail polish color during her convention speech?

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