Justin Bieber Admits Love For ‘The Bachelorette’ & Team Chad Johnson

Justin Bieber is renowned around the world for his musical talents and occasional bad boy adventures. But the 22-year-old pop star also enjoys his down time. And when Bieber has hours free to fill, he now has confessed that he uses them to pursue his passion as a member of Bachelor Nation, noted E News.

Turning to Instagram to admit his passion, Justin revealed that he relaxed prior to his concert in Indianapolis Saturday night with TV. What captured his attention? The Bachelorette.

The “Sorry” singer checked out the re-runs and viewed what happened when it was Chad Johnson versus Alex Woytkiw. Who would win JoJo Fletcher? Justin sounded off on social media and made it clear that he is on Team Chad.

“Good point Chad, milk is delicious,” Justin applauded.

However, Bieber admitted he is aware that some might mock his passion, so he issued a plea.

“And yeah I watch The Bachelorette, don’t judge me.”

In choosing Johnson, Justin selected the man famed as one of The Bachelorette shows’ most devious yet delightful villains. Chad locked lips with the former girlfriend of a co-star and threatened cast members while the cameras rolled.

When Beliebers read the confession from Bieber on Instagram, responses varied from stunned to smitten. And it was obvious that there is crossover between Bachelor Nation and Belieber World.

Justin Bieber has confessed: He loves watching "The Bachelorette."
“oh god… let’s make a bachelorette watch party and invite him,” suggested one fan.

“omg. The Biebs is down with the Chad!” exclaimed another.

“His laugh is adorable Justin I love u so much,” gushed a Belieber.

However, even though Bieber is cheering for Chad, Johnson got the boot earlier this month on The Bachelorette, noted Us Weekly.

Justin Bieber believes in the benefits of viewing "The Bachelorette."
The scene that fascinated Justin featured Chad’s last two-on-one date with JoJo Fletcher. In it, Johnson advised his competitor Alex Woytkiw to “have a glass of milk” amidst bickering.

Woytkiw isn’t a fan of milk, but Chad defended the drink.

“Milk’s delicious,” responded the villain.

That comment delighted Bieber.

But even though “Bad Chad” was sent packing (although he made his bad boy way back to The Bachelorette recently for one final fight with Evan Bass and Jordan Rodgers), Bieber has more to anticipate as a member of Bachelor Nation.

A hint to Justin when he’s making up his list of what to watch on TV in the future: Johnson has nabbed a place on the eagerly anticipated season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. The villain will be featured on that show this summer.

And even though Bieber pleaded with fans not to judge him for watching (and cheering for) The Bachelorette, the pop star actually is joining a growing list of celebrities who have confessed that they too are members of Bachelor Nation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, some celebrities even hold viewing parties for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. (Will someone invite Justin now that he’s confessed?)

Allison Williams had her first encounter with her future husband at a Hollywood viewing party. When he proposed, it was during an episode of the TV franchise endorsed by Bieber. Celebrity cameos have included Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

While Bieber turned to Instagram to share his passion for the show, some celebrities are known for using Twitter to offer their comments on the rose petal path that each season follows.

Amy Schumer, for example, ranks as a Bachelor Nation superfan. In addition to her guest star role on The Bachelorette, the comic is famed for her fondness for occasional snark on the show.

Among those celebs who, in addition to Bieber, have turned to social media to share their passion for the franchise are Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, John Mayer, Taye Diggs, Adam Scott, Andrew Garfield, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Kirsten Dunst, Will Forte, Abigail Breslin, and Mila Kunis.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]