Megyn Kelly Talks About Democrats Staging ‘Publicity Stunt’ In Response To Orlando

Megyn Kelly angrily began The Kelly File Thursday evening by noting that Democrats are getting slammed for leaving town after holding a sit-in due to guns and gun control but not doing anything at all about terrorism.

“Congress has now gone dark. The members — headed home for a week without doing anything to help the FBI or address the security failures that lead to the horrific terror attack that left 49 people dead and another 50 plus injured in Orlando, Florida.”

Megyn Kelly compared what went on at the sit-in to something out of Woodstock with Democratic lawmakers sitting in and singing songs until they get a vote on gun control. She noted that Republicans are calling it a publicity stunt. She played a video of Paul Ryan pointing out that Democrats had handed out flyers for fundraising. Kelly then had special guest Marc Theissen speak about the topic.

“You know, it’s funny — everybody believes that we need to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists…period. Republicans and Democrats are all united about this. There’s a dispute how to do it while protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens,” Theissen said, noting that Democrats were creating a complete stunt.

Thiessen and other Republicans believe that the Orlando sit-in was a publicity stunt to take away attention from Obama’s failings on terrorism. He angrily repeated that gun control is not going to stop the rise of ISIS. Megyn Kelly agreed and noted that, no matter how much gun control France had, it certainly didn’t stop horrific terror events from happening there.

Megyn Kelly Gun Control
Megyn Kelly’s guests have different feelings about gun control. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]
Kelly then had University of Chicago Professor Austan Goolsbee speak.

“Changing the subject to what ISIS is doing in the Middle East and other countries is taking away from the fact that Democrats in Congress want them to have a vote on the basic question that is agreed on by literally 90 percent of Americans… that if you are on the terror watch list, why should you be able to get a semi-automatic weapon?”

Goolsbee said that accusing the Democrats of staging a publicity stunt is outrageous, especially when Republicans are trying to bring a vote to end Obamacare for the 50th time.

Eugene Robinson of the Denver Post said that he believes that the sit-in may have been a publicity stunt, but at least it’s one that can have an impact:

“But it was a righteous one that may improve the prospects for meaningful gun control…It won’t happen immediately. Even after 49 innocent victims died in the Orlando massacre — the worst such shooting in modern U.S. history — Republicans remain adamantly opposed to any new legislation that might keep powerful weapons out of the hands of the next would-be mass murderer.”

Many of the commenters after the article didn’t agree with Robinson’s assessment, especially since they thought what he wants goes against the Constitution. Still, the call for gun control has been huge on Twitter.

There were a lot of people who bashed Megyn Kelly on Twitter after her show tonight. However, Mrs. Kelly wasn’t really denying that we need some sort of gun control; she seemed to be saying that Democrats are using an agenda to cover up for what she believes is the real problem. What do you think about gun control? Do you believe Megyn Kelly and others who say that stopping terrorism should be our No. 1 priority? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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