When Does ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Come Back? Season 5 Could Be A Long Way Away, But It’s Not Clear Just How Long

So when does Orange is the New Black come back again?

With the release of Season 4 less than a week old, most of the show’s die-hard fans have already plowed their way through the emotionally charged and often heartbreaking season, one that left plenty of threads up in the air as it came to a conclusion. That has led many viewers on a rabid search to find out when Orange is the New Black Season 5 will come out.

[WARNING: There are some major Orange is the New Black spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t finished Season 4 yet you might want to tread lightly.]

The short answer is that nobody knows just yet. Netflix has not shared any details on when the next season will finish filming and when it will be released. But based on past history, there’s plenty of room for predictions.

So far, the seasons have generally come out on a Friday in June, and if Orange is the New Black can remain on its production schedule, that’s likely when fans will see it again. Romper came to the same conclusion.

“While Netflix has not officially announced the premiere date of Season 5, fans can use a little math to figure out when Season 5 will premiere. With the exception of Season 1, all of the seasons of Orange Is the New Black have premiered within the first two weeks of June. So, if Netflix keeps with that schedule, which it usually does, fans can expect a premiere date for Orange Is the New Black Season 5 in June 2017.

“That seems like a long time to wait considering some of us have marathon-watched the season the same day it came out. It is an entire year without new Orange Is the New Black. The good news is, you can go back and re-watch the first four seasons over and over again until Season 5.”

There are some other potential dates for when Orange is the New Black will come back. Popsugar suggests that it could be any one of the Fridays in June of 2017, including the 9th, 16th, or 23rd.

And if history is any indication, it could still be six months or more until fans find out exactly when Orange is the New Black will return. It wasn’t until January of this year that Netflix announced the premiere date for Season 4, so if it follows on the same schedule then viewers have the rest of the summer and fall to wonder what will happen to the prisoners at Lichfield.

There are plenty of questions left unanswered. As the last season ended, the prisoners were up in arms about the death of Poussey at the hands of guards and their peaceful protest against the brutal new for-profit regime turned into a riot, one that led Daya to pick up a gun dropped by a guard and raise it up.

Viewers don’t know yet if she fired the gun and don’t know what will happen to the rioting prisoners at Litchfield.

And that isn’t the only unanswered question. As E! Online noted, Judy King appeared on her way out of prison but got caught up in the riot, leaving her fate and her ultimate destination unknown.

The season ended with MCC fudging Judy King’s paperwork and trying to get her out of prison so she wouldn’t be embroiled in the Poussey death scandal. Yoga Jones urged her to speak out and not go along with everything, but Judy was on her way out…until the prison factions all met in the middle, ready to riot.

While fans won’t know yet when Orange is the New Black will return for Season 5, one thing is certain — there’s a lot more to come. Netflix has already announced that the prison drama has been renewed through Season 7.

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