Pyramid-Shaped UFO Caught On Camera Zigzagging In The Sky Over Ontario As Commercial Airliners Flew Past [Video]

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Jun. 23 2016, Updated 1:19 p.m. ET

Remarkable footage has emerged online showing the moment that a weird pyramid-shaped UFO was captured on camera zigzagging in the air as commercial airliners flew past. The bizarre footage appears to show the UFO flying very close to the airliners.

The witness, 56-year-old Canadian Paul Shishis, spotted the UFO (see footage below) flying over Scarborough, an eastern district of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. When he noticed the strange flight pattern of the object, he took out his camera and began filming.

He told Cryptozoology News that he snapped about 50 photos of the strange object as it circled and zigzagged in the sky.

A photo shows the strange UFO flying between two commercial airliners.

“It moved about zigzagging and circling about near a water tower here,” Shishis said.

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He submitted the strange footage to Cryptozoology News. He said it was not the first time that he has seen strange crafts circling in the sky over the area. He also said that following the latest sighting, he would keep his camera ready to film any new sighting.

The popular UFO conspiracy theory YouTube channel Secureteam10 also obtained a copy of the strange footage and uploaded it online on June 21, 2016. The footage has since gone viral with nearly 50,000 views.

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In the YouTube video titled “Strangeness! Pyramid-Shaped UFO Sits Near Passing Planes,” Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner also reported that the footage was captured in Ontario, Canada, by Paul Shishis, 56.

The alien hunter struggled to solve the mystery of the strange zigzagging, pyramid-shaped UFO.

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“This pyramid-shaped object has been seen before. It’s all very mysterious, strange times and strange skies.”

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“We have a very mysterious, new UFO sighting that was emailed to me,” Glockner said. “Apparently this Canadian man had captured images and video of this UFO that was just sitting there as these commercial planes flew by.”

According to Glockner, the witness, who works as a QC receiver, was taking an afternoon break when he looked up and spotted a mysterious object flying in the air at an altitude of about 1,000 feet above the intersection of Warden and Eglinton, according to Cryptozoology News.

He noticed that the strange object was circling over a water tower and that it zigzagged as it circled.

The sighting lasted about five minutes, the witness said.

“He was on an afternoon break last Wednesday when he noticed the UFO flying at about 1,000 feet,” Glockner said. “[The UFO] moved about, zigzagging and circling near a water tower and he said he took about 50 images.”

“He said the sighting lasted around five minutes and that it definitely had a pyramid shape to it,” the narrator continued.

“If you follow UFO videos online and sightings regularly you’ll know that this pyramid-shaped object has been seen before,” Glockner added. “It’s all very mysterious, strange times and strange skies, that’s for sure.”

A pyramid-shaped UFO was sighted over Sao Paulo in Brazil on October 19, 2015. Another was sighted over Pelotas, Brazil, in October 1996.

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But some viewers argued that despite the description of the UFO as “pyramid-shaped,” it looked like a typical triangle UFO and thus could be a TR-3A Black Manta or a TR-3B Aurora or Astra.

The three legendary crafts have been the subject of decades-long rumors in the Pentagon black project conspiracy theory circles. It is rumored that the Pentagon is currently involved in a top-secret program to develop aircraft reverse-engineered from alien spacecraft recovered from alleged UFO crash sites such as Roswell in 1947 and Kecksburg in 1965.

In a post to his blog UFO Sightings Daily, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring wondered whether the UFO filmed over Scarborough appeared on the radar. But he guessed it did not because there were no reports that the Canadian Air Force scrambled jet fighters to intercept it.

Some viewers noted that the latest footage is reminiscent of a video that went viral online in July 2015 after it caught the attention of members of the UFO community.

The footage, captured by an amateur photographer, purportedly showed a UFO flying past a Virgin Atlantic commercial jet that was taking off from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York.

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The footage appeared to show a UFO flying behind the commercial airliner taking off from the ground. It appeared to accelerate as it whizzed past the airliner. Some viewers pointed out that it also appeared to change shape and size as it overtook the airliner.

According to the YouTube channel LookNowTV, which obtained the footage and uploaded it online, the morphing behavior of the UFO was unusual, yet it did not appear to be a bug flying past the camera lens during filming.

The incident generated rumors that aliens may have established an underground secret base near the JFK airport.

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