Jessie J’s Diva Demands On ‘The Voice’ Australia

Jessie J is a singer who has already made her mark as one of the most impressive vocal talents of today, but does she have what it takes to be an effective judge on The Voice?

With the new season of The Voice well and truly underway in Australia, things are looking very promising for Jessie J as a judge. According to Australia Network News, Jessie J managed to make Boy George feel intimidated about singing in front of her.

Boy George came on the show as a guest from the U.K. edition of The Voice to share some advice and insights to the contestant and the coaches. The one thing he would not do, however, was sing, and it was all because he was intimidated by Jessie J’s talent.

Boy George spoke about singing in front of Jessie J.

“Singing in front of Jessie, that is scary, I wouldn’t do it!… You have such an amazing voice. You have to have high standards, it’s a compliment.”

It was recently revealed that despite her excellent coaching abilities, there may be a downside to Jessie J being a judge on The Voice after all. Jessie J is apparently a major diva. According to Woman’s Day, Jessie J was recently revealed to be a major diva, one who is potentially worse than famous diva Mariah Carey.

Although she is admired for telling things as they are and being brutally honest as a judge, Jessie J has apparently gotten into hot water behind the scenes, with it reported that she has no qualms about demanding what she wants. Some of the demands of Jessie have gone from satisfying her demands for luxury living to having her U.S. wardrobe flown into the country.

Jessie J apparently wants nothing but the best for herself and her family, and she is very insistent on it, a fact that the crew and other people behind the scenes noticed. Woman’s Day reports that while most people would be thrilled to temporarily stay in homes that had once housed stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman, Jessie J rejected the chance to live in those houses.

When it comes back to what she does best, Jessie J is still a singer at heart, but fans may be disappointed because, according to the Daily Mail, Jessie J has no plans of making or releasing a new album anytime soon.

It has been two years since Jessie J last released an album, but she has gone on the record to say that fans will have to wait a little longer before they get new material from her. Jessie climbed to No. 14 on the Australian album charts and to No. 10 in the United States with her third album Sweet Talker in September 2014.

Jessie J spoke of taking time off making albums, explaining that she “taking a moment.” She said that she’s aware that it has been two years since her last album came out and that her fans are waiting for a new release from her, but she doesn’t want to rush the process. And in any event, she’s been so busy with her judging and other commitments.

“My next album for me is so important that I cannot rush it, and I rushed the last one a little bit, even though I was very lucky to have a lot of success.”

She went on to explain her philosophy regarding her new album, whenever she’s ready to create and release it.

“I just want to almost imagine as if I have never ever released music and I’m starting again, and [think] how I would release music if I was me releasing music now.”

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