Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston ‘Courting:’ She Feels He’s ‘The One’ To Meet Her Parents

It’s official! Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston confirmed their new romance on the front page of Britain’s the Sun last week. Now, it seems like the pair are for real, even if some claim that this new relationship all PR. Taylor and Tom aren’t just dating, they’re “courting,” according to insiders.

This week’s issue of Us Weekly has Taylor Swift on the cover along with the headline, “Taylor & Tom: Sexy New Romance!” Swift, 26, and Hiddleston, 35, first met at the Met Gala in New York City last month. When they danced the night away, the British actor was taken with the singer even though she was still dating Calvin Harris.

Once he learned that Taylor and Calvin split earlier this month, “he started reaching out” to her immediately, an alleged source close to the singer revealed in the new issue of Us Weekly. Tom even missed out on an audition so that he could surprise her in Paris. The insider also went on to say that he even sent her a bouquet of flowers.

“He really courted her. He liked her and saw an opportunity when she was suddenly single, and he went for it,” the insider confirmed.

While Harris, 32, understandably feels “betrayed” after their split, this wasn’t Swift’s way of getting over her previous breakup. She thought it was the perfect time to begin again with a new guy.

“She’s single, so of course if a cute guy reaches out who she likes, she would talk to him. There really isn’t a better way to get over a breakup!”

Now, Taylor has already fallen for The Night Manager star. She feels that he “checks off a lot of boxes,” similar to what Calvin used to say about her. The insider also said that Tay Tay loves his looks and his charm — and his accent is a plus, too.

We all know that the “Out of the Woods” singer loves dating guys with English accents these days. Not only has she been linked to Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris, but she also dated Harry Styles.

Swift already feels that her new man could be “the one” she’s been waiting for all her life. Another source spilled the details of Swift’s feelings to E! News.

“Taylor was hesitant to get so involved so quickly after Adam [Calvin Harris] but she felt that Adam was not giving her what she wanted for sometime so she was ready to move on towards the tail end of their relationship anyway.”

Since that she has met the Thor star, her feelings about love and relationships have quickly changed. She felt an immediate “attraction” when they started their courtship. Now, Taylor can’t seem to get enough of Tom and texts him on a regular basis, claims the source.

“She felt like she was a little school girl with a huge crush. She loves the fact that Tom acts like such a mature man. She lives that he is older. She feels very safe and protected with him. The attraction is very strong.”

It seems like things are moving very quickly for Swift and Hiddleston. Just three weeks after getting to know each other, sources told both Us Weekly and Hollywood Life that the pop star already wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift, as well as her famous cats, Meredith and Olivia. Meanwhile, Hiddleston would like Swift to meet his closest friends and family.

“Taylor would love for her mom to meet Tom. She’s eager to introduce them to each other. Taylor and her mom are super close, so it’s just a matter of time that the three of them will get to spend time together. If Taylor and Tom weren’t serious, she wouldn’t waste her mom’s time.”

The couple was recently spotted at Selena Gomez’s Revival concert on Tuesday night, June 21. Fans took photos and videos of Swift and Hiddleston dancing and kissing and shared them on social media. When they left the venue, the hot new pair were spotted holding hands and smiling brightly at the cameras. Swift beamed in her signature red lipstick along with her red crop top and high-waisted skirt. Meanwhile, Hiddleston wore a blue button down shirt with black trousers.

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[Photos by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]