Prince Suicide Note Found? Did ‘Purple Rain’ Singer Purposely End His Life?

Did Prince leave a suicide note prior to his death? In Touch recently made a faulty claim on their cover that the late pop star left a final message prior to his death in April.

This flashy tabloid’s spread was deemed untrue by Gossip Cop. In Touch wrote that Prince had purposely overdosed on opioids before being discovered in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate. The rumor-filled publication tried to make the claim that Prince’s autopsy was a hoax, despite the large amount of evidence supporting his accidental overdose. Still, the truth didn’t stop In Touch from writing this ridiculous story.

The Prince suicide rumor only became progressively crazier as the piece went on. In Touch then explained that the unnamed source had discovered his suicide message amongst his notebooks. The unidentified person apparently told the tabloid that Prince purposely hid his notebook prior to his death, claiming “the deeply private star would have wanted” that. The friend also told In Touch that Prince’s final goodbye was chilling and a simple.

“Need something to make the pain stop, even if it means ending everything somehow. It’s time to go, I didn’t mean to leave soon. I didn’t meant to leave now. Love, Love, Love.”

Prince’s suicide was apparently planned well in advance, according to the nameless source. The supposed insider told the tabloid that Prince had intended to “finally do himself in with a deadly dose of opiates” and was “sick and tired of living.”

“It was a heartbreaking final bow… As far as I’m concerned, Prince didn’t die of an accidental overdose.”

For those of you seeking the truth, have solace in knowing that Prince’s death wasn’t intentional, according to a report done by Gossip Cop.

Prince never left a suicide note or purposely took his own life. The star sadly struggled with an addiction to painkillers. The musician had been administering himself lethal doses of fentanyl, according to a report done by BBC. Fentanyl is considered to be way more powerful than heroin. In fact, as of last March, the US Drug and Enforcement Administration wrote on their website that drug not only is often laced with heroin, but should be considered a “threat to health and public safety.” Even minimal doses of the drug could be life-threatening. Many deaths have resulted of individuals using this drug “at an alarming rate.”

Prince’s suicide claim was deemed a complete lie by Gossip Cop. The website wrote that they had an insider source that told them this rumor was “not true” by all means. Gossip Cop proceeded to call out In Touch magazine for being unable to get the story of Prince’s death straight in general. According to the online rumor-debunking publication, In Touch recently published a cover story making the outrageous claim that Prince was murdered. While the deceptive headline led readers to believe that the singer’s life ended brutally, the tabloid backtracked on the claim. Instead, In Touch implied that Prince’s murder was a result of negligent medical professionals. Gossip Cop blatantly called out the publication for fabricating the story.

Gossip Cop went on to explain how In Touch constantly “preys on the untimely deaths of stars.” According to the online publication, In Touch wrote a story eerily similar to this one when Robin Williams passed away in 2014. The celebrity gossip magazine claimed that they had uncovered a suicide note from Williams’, which supposedly stated that “the pain is too much.” Gossip Cop also debunked the rumors surrounding the comedian’s death when the story first surfaced.

[Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images]