Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx: Claudia Jordan Says She ‘Misspoke’ About The Relationship

When news of confirmation came about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s alleged relationship, the internet all but exploded. After three years, of constant rumors about Foxx and Holmes’ relationship, it was confirmed that the two were very happy together and indeed in a relationship.

Well now, the same person who confirmed Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were dating has now backtracked. In an interesting turn of events, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is saying that her comments about Jamie Foxx’s relationship with Katie Holmes were blown out of proportion.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jordan went on the Allegedly podcast and said of Foxx’s relationship with Katie Holmes, “He is very happy with her. I like that he seems very happy.” According to E!, Foxx and Holmes respective reps did not return calls for comments, but that statement was enough to label this one as official, given their private nature.

Now, it seems like it’s a different story, because Foxx’s friend Claudia Jordan is taking it all back. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jordan said the following.

“I don’t have the knowledge of this being fact. I don’t. I misspoke.”

She continued to explain her blunder about talking on Foxx and Holmes’ alleged relationship without having all the facts, Jordan said the following.

“A lot of times, I get asked questions about celebrities—some I know, some I don’t. A lot times we just give a safe kind of generic answer. Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them.”

She also said that she has regrets about unintentionally putting Jamie Foxx’s name back in the headlines, and reigniting rumors about his private life.

“I hate that this has blown up like this, and I feel like a lot is being put on a three-second clip from a podcast. I just want my friend to be happy with whoever he’s with, but I don’t even want to know any more! It’s none of my business, and again, I’ve never seen them together.”

Talk about some serious damage control! Right after the news broke of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s alleged relationship, Hollywood Life reported that the couple were terrified of Holmes’ ex husband Tom Cruise finding out about the romance, even though there’s been stories about this couple being a possible item for over three years now. Still, Hollywood Life’s source insisted that there’s “real fear.”

“They have very real fears of Katie’s ex, Tom, and his reaction.”

“That’s a part of the many reasons they prefer to keep their relationship private. In March, 2015, photos surfaced of Jamie and Katie holding hands and it kind of freaked them both out. Since then, they have worked extra hard to keep their love out of the public eye.”

Foxx has tried to get ahead of the rumors in the past, by denying their relationship in a roundabout way. Foxx told Dish Nation, “I’m not the person who wants to be defined by anybody I date. Even if I was dating someone, no one would know anyway, but it affects my situation because I got a girl, who’s like ‘yo, who’s this b****?’.”

That said, as recently as March of 2016, People claimed that they were in a relationship, but it wasn’t anything “serious.”

“This is not some intense romance. Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn. But contrary to those conclusions, they’re not about to run off and make some serious commitment.”

What do you think? Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating or is this a rumor that has to be put to rest?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]