‘Power Rangers’ Release Teaser Poster, Announce Bryan Cranston As The Iconic Zordon

Power Rangers will hit theaters on March 24, 2017, and hopefully it won’t be anything like its campy and low-budget predecessors. So far, we have proof that Lionsgate is going in the right direction with the reboot. Proving that this will be a true-to-form reboot, the studio behind Power Rangers has decided to release a really nice looking teaser poster.

The poster sees the five power rangers’ silhouettes against a backdrop of the night sky and a cluster of constellations. The tag line is simple and reads, “Together we are more.”

So far, the response following the teaser poster is very enthusiastic.

Following this enthusiasm is the even buzzier news that everyone’s favorite character actor, Bryan Cranston, just snagged a huge role that recently broke the internet. As the Inquisitr reported, Cranston has been cast as Zordon in the new movie.

This is a return to form of sorts for Bryan Cranston. Before he became a critic’s darling in AMC’s Breaking Bad and everyone’s favorite dad on Malcolm In The Middle, he voiced the role of Snizzard on the TV series Power Rangers.

After the actor announced on Twitter that he would be joining the live-action franchise as everyone’s favorite floating head and mentor to the Power Rangers, the response was overwhelming.

It’s expected that Cranston’s storyline will mostly involve him offering up advice to the Power Rangers, which makes complete sense. Zordon often acted as the power rangers’ main source of advice on how to defeat Rita Repulsa and other villains throughout the years.

Additionally, if we’re going by the origins of the Power Rangers TV series, it looks like Zordon’s storyline will intersect with the villainous Rita Repulsa, who is played by Elizabeth Banks. Going by how polarizing the response was on Banks’ look as Rita Repulsa, at least we can all rest easy that Cranston is here to save this movie.

It’s smart of Lionsgate to ride this wave of excitement about Cranston by releasing the teaser poster for the new reboot. If anything, it just keeps the momentum going, which the film didn’t exactly have even after they released the first still photo of Elizabeth Banks as Rita.

Another element of the reboot that fans aren’t too hot on are the new outfits that the Power Rangers will wear when fighting crime. Although there’s a huge evolution of the Power Rangers due to multiple TV series, many still have the original costumes in mind.

As for the future, it’s said the studio isn’t deterred by the response and is planning on seven Power Rangers movies.

[Image via Lionsgate]

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