Rihanna’s Hot New Designer, Meet The Recent College Graduate

Rihanna and Calvin Harris recently released the video for their “This Is What You Came For” collaboration, and it involves a lot of vibrant elements along with gorgeous RiRi in a shimmering one-piece jumpsuit, as Mashable notes. That outfit remains the same throughout the entirety of the engaging video and it is a creation of designer Isabel Hall.

Hall is a 2016 graduate of Pratt and brought Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg, calling after the fashion student’s thesis collection caught the stylist’s eye. Recently, Hall spoke about what it was like to see one of her recent pieces on the superstar in her latest video. First, however, the fashion creative shared what her inspiration and process were in regards to the piece that the star wore.

“Well it started with the whole collection, which took a whole year for our senior thesis. I was originally looking at sports and ’90s skaters and I wanted to take the masculine silhouette and put it on a female figure without losing any of the shape or attitude and then find the crossover in the fabrications, and that’s how the glitter fabric came to be.”

Isabel went on to describe the material she used and share why it was key to making the jumpsuit as perfect as she was able to.

“It’s so cool because the glitter is woven into it. It’s not on it or applied. It was awesome and so easy. And the mesh is so comfy, too, so I knew I had to hold onto it.”

As it turns out, the budding designer already had a connection to the superstar via her mentor, Adam Selman, with whom Isabel interned. Selman often worked with Rihanna’s stylist, Mel, and turned Mel on to the pieces that were designed by his talented protege.

“Yeah, it was awesome, actually. I interned for Adam Selman, who works with Rihanna and Mel [Ottenberg] a lot, and who is super sweet and supportive and is amazing, and he saw my collection when it was finally finished, and I think he knew Mel would be into the jumpsuit and some other pieces also.”

Hall shared that following Selman’s approval of her designs and interaction with Mel Ottenberg about her collection, he brought the stylist along with him to the show at Pratt. The school was eager for Ottenberg to attend, seeing as the stylist had pulled pieces the year before that were used on Rihanna.

The designer explains how the two pulled a few pieces that were of interest from her collection as well as other design students’ collections. When the jumpsuit was pulled by Mel, he stated that he was possibly going to use it for an entirely different project but then originally returned it. However, at 8 p.m. one evening shortly after, Hall got the fated text from Mel’s assistant. Hall recounts the exchange, as MTV

“‘Hey, are you in town? We are really interested in using that jumpsuit for something else, but we need it right away. Can we get that from you?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah! Totally!’ and I was just sitting at home on my couch.”

At that point the young designer was unsure as to what the piece would be used for, but when she got the follow-up message within which she was told about the extent to which the garment was used, Hall was extremely happy.

“I got a text that was like, ‘Rihanna wore it, whole video,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god.'”

That is certainly an incredible story and a fantastic way for a new designer to be welcomed into the industry that is often very thankless and challenging to break in to. Of course Rihanna looks divine in the glitter-infused jumpsuit.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]