WWE News: WWE May Allow Roman Reigns To Work ‘WWE Battleground’ Main Event Despite Failed Drug Test

The biggest story of the year thus far has to be the recent suspension of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. “The Guy” failed a drug test and due to the violation of the WWE Wellness Policy, he was suspended immediately. Well, he sort of was. Many people smell the stink of WWE all over the entire situation due to the fact that Reigns is supposedly in position to be the company’s next top guy, despite how fans feel about him.

The Inquisitr reported on Tuesday that several WWE officials knew about Roman Reigns’ failed drug test before WWE Money in the Bank took place, but it was said that the writing team did not know. It does appear that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon called for the WWE World Title to be dropped as punishment to Reigns. On top of that, he lost cleanly to Seth Rollins before Rollins was eventually beaten by Dean Ambrose, who won the Money in the Bank match earlier in the night and cashed it in during the main event.

The next night on WWE RAW, the company went ahead with a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WWE Battleground. This was a big match that clearly made sense to do when the company did it. Number one, the set-up they had fit perfectly. Number two, the company won’t be able to do this match down the line with possibly two World Titles in play in the future and the fact that the former Shield guys will end up scattered around during the brand split.

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The problem with all of this was that Reigns was suspended. However, if the company knew about it before MITB, which they clearly did… what does that mean for Battleground? According to Cageside Seats, WWE may very well have Roman Reigns remain part of the main event for the WWE World Title despite the failed drug test. His suspension happens to expire the week of Battleground, but he will miss the last two shows leading up to the event in WWE RAW and SmackDown.

In fact, his suspension ends July 21st, which means he will not only miss the WWE Draft and first live SmackDown of the new era, but he’ll also miss all chances to be in the build-up for the main event itself. The creative team will have to find a good way to write him out until the show happens if they plan to have him stay in the match. Either that, or WWE will come out and say on WWE RAW next week that Reigns was suspended for a failed test – as they should – and that he was removed due to it.

However, WWE may much rather want to award Reigns with a main event World Title upon his comeback. Basically, if it does not happen then fans can clearly blame Roman Reigns for not keeping his nose clean. His reputation also takes a major hit with WWE fans, at least those with a brain that look past his looks. Fans have been all over Reigns for not being good enough to be called the next top guy. Clearly, with all the mainstream attention the suspension has gotten, fans will be very upset if Reigns gets written out only to be put right back in the same position he was in before.

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With live event numbers down, WWE sees that the draw power in Reigns is not nearly as high as they would like it to be. Dean Ambrose would get the same numbers Reigns pulled in on another tour, as the company runs two different live event tours. Keep in mind, Ambrose is headlining these events and does not have the same sort of company push and promotion Reigns does, and yet he matches the guy with live event numbers as the main event talent. Imagine if the company actually got behind Ambrose, right? It does look like they’re now giving him a chance, if nothing else.

Meanwhile Reigns just proved his haters right. He is not the right guy to lead the company, as the top guy is not someone who fails drug tests. Despite his look, John Cena has passed all drug tests WWE has made him take. Every single one. He makes sure the world knows this too, as he wants people to realize he didn’t take a shortcut to get the look he did. The worst part for Reigns is that he surely didn’t need to do anything either.

Most say he just took pain killers, smoked weed, or something similar, although nothing is concrete. Steroids aren’t always the reason guys are suspended, for sure. We can also basically prove that the Wellness Policy doesn’t play favorites, as it failed Roman Reigns. For Reigns’ credit, he owned up to the mistake on Twitter when he apologized to fans. However, WWE management has its stench all over the entire Battleground situation. If WWE gives Reigns a World Title match the moment he comes back despite the failed drug test, we’ll know that they clearly do not listen to fans and obviously don’t care if guys use or not as long as they’re a favorite with management.

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