Pet Rescue Activism In Dallas Saves 13 Animals From Deplorable Conditions

Dallas has made headlines recently for at least one person who has conducted enough pet rescue operations for a pet rescue saga, that it’s changed the way animal control does their job… somewhat.

However, these changes still take a long time to make an immediate difference, which is why sometimes a pet rescue could become a team effort as it was earlier in the week when a neighbor jumped into action.

Cassandra Clark’s pet rescue activism began when she was out walking her own pooch on Monday, when she noticed a husky that was left out on a condo balcony of the Richland Trace Condos for hours in 102-degree heat.

When she first noticed it, she said that she didn’t see that there was any water out.

Clark also posted about this on the Richland Trace Condos Facebook page where others took to their page to slam them about the poor conditions.

Temperatures have been consistent between the 90s to the 100s, sometimes dry but usually humid.

Then several days later, she saw what appeared to be the same Husky on the balcony in a crate that was too small for him. Cassandra expressed her concern for the pet.

“He’s in a small crate and all hunched down, He’s crying. He’s wailing his little heart out.”

She did what many might do and contacted the local Dallas Animal Rescue Services as well as 911, and they told her they would respond within 24 hours, which she felt was too much time to wait as she felt the dog could be dead by then.


A Dallas CBS affiliate reported her proactive efforts to report via Facebook to local animal rescue activists, who took action to save the owner’s pet.

She took pictures of the scene and posted her report which was shared out repeatedly 700 times, getting the attention of local animal rescue activists who mulled over the situation before they approached the dog owner, even thinking they could bring the problem to owner’s attention; they could at least improve their treatment of the Husky.

Loni Helm arrived on the scene and described the pet rescue operation on a comment thread for the original post.

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The CBSDFW source said that the situation was worse than anyone had initially thought.

The animal rescue volunteer found two Huskies — which included the one on the balcony — four cats and seven kittens, totaling to 13 animals in all.

The comments section for her post shows a lot of suggestions from commenters while they were waiting for help before saving the animals within 24 hours.

Some suggested she spray water from a hose to cool the dog down, but there was fear that it would somehow be considered vandalism.

She was warned to be cautious about approaching the owner directly herself, but does mention in the thread that she did exchange words with the woman at the apartment at some point. The location was a high crime rate area — as someone reminded her that there had been murders reported in that block.

“Oh yes I have heard some gun shots before. Not sure if I want to speak to the owners because of that. lol.”

As LF Helm says in the thread, they were able to sign the animals over to the Dallas Protection Services, saying they were in good shape, the owner apparently handed over the animals with little to no problem.

Another person said they knew someone with a ranch in Oklahoma where the Huskies could run, also adding that they would like to adopt them.

“I have someone here in Oklahoma interested in adopting the huskies. 9 acres of land to run on. We are huge animal advocates.”

There is no information as to whether charges would be put on the owner, given the condition of the animals.

As to the risk one puts on themselves to conduct a pet rescue such as this, with the aid of already established services, they seemed to have had a better chance than doing it independently.

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