‘Bringing Up Bates’ Baby News: Zach And Whitney Welcome Baby Kaci Lynn

Bringing Up Bates stars Zach and Whitney have welcomed daughter Kaci Lynn to their family, and fans are thrilled to hear the news. Viewers knew that the baby was due soon, but it looks like she decided to make a slightly early appearance.

Whitney and Zach Bates already have one son, Bradley, and they announced a while back that they were expecting their second child. They did a fun video for Bringing Up Bates fans, sharing that this baby would be a girl and revealing that they had already chosen the name Kaci Lynn for her. Whitney has shared plenty of baby bump photos throughout her pregnancy, and everybody knew that Kaci would be arriving very soon.

The family’s supporters knew that the new arrival could come any day now, and it looks like this family of three has officially expanded to include little Kaci to become a family of four. The Bringing Up Bates Instagram page revealed the first family photos and news, and Zach and Whitney shared the scoop via their page shortly after that.

“We were overcome with emotions that just cannot be described when we saw our little Kaci Lynn and held her in our arms for the first time…We thank the many who have prayed for us and have sent sweet messages throughout the pregnancy. We also thank the Lord for His protection and His gift of our two precious children.”

Many Bringing Up Bates fans were hoping that Kaci Lynn would arrive on Father’s Day this past Sunday, but she waited just a wee bit longer. She made her debut Monday night and came weighing seven pounds, eight ounces and was 21.5 inches long. It sounds as if baby and mama are doing quite well, and everybody will be anxious to see more updates soon.

The UP TV site shared another photo of Zach, Whitney, Bradley, and Kaci Lynn, and viewers cannot wait to see it all play out on television screens. Of course, Whitney and Zach are not the only ones who have been working on adding another baby to the family. Erin and Chad Paine are also expecting their second child very soon as well.

So far, Alyssa and John Webster have not shared any news about adding to their family, but they did recently celebrate their little girl Allie Jane’s first birthday. Michael and Brandon got married last year, but they have not yet embarked on adding children to their family. However, they did share the post announcing Kaci Lynn’s arrival and expressed a lot of excitement about getting to meet her soon.

Who will be the next from Bringing Up Bates to expand the family? Nathan Bates recently revealed that he was courting Ashley Salyer, but the two admitted that they have faced some struggles in their developing relationship, and it is not known quite yet where their courtship is headed. Tori Bates is also in a relationship with someone named Bobby, but it looks like this relationship is still in its early stages.

Season 4 of the UP TV show is currently airing, and viewers are seeing plenty of fun coverage of both Whitney and Erin’s pregnancies. The series has done quite well for the small network, and while Season 5 has not yet been made official, it seems likely that the series will continue for some time to come. Everybody is thrilled to hear that Whitney and Zach Bates have welcomed Kaci Lynn to the family, and Bringing Up Bates viewers cannot wait to see who is added to the family next.

[Image via Zach and Whitney Bates’ Instagram page]

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