The Veronicas Stand In For Madden Brothers — Why It’s Infuriating When They’re Told To ‘Eat Something’

The Veronicas, the pop rock music group composed of sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, will be making an appearance on The Voice Australia soon. It will not be just for a performance, but it will be to take the spot of another pair of twin siblings, Benji and Joel Madden, for the time being.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Veronicas will be guest starring as the coaches for The Voice in place of the Madden brothers, who will briefly head overseas for a tour commitment.

Fans should not expect the Veronicas as a permanent replacement as the Madden brothers are expected to be back on the show on July 3. Fans of the pop duo are excited for their appearance on the show. In addition to taking over the Madden’s roles as judges and mentors, the Veronicas will perform their new song “In My Blood,” which is their first release since their self-titled 2014 album.

The Veronicas spoke about their excitement for being on The Voice as guest coaches.

“We’re really excited to fill Benji and Joel’s shoes and work with their artists over the next week. Benji and Joel seem to get along a lot better than we do, so we’re hoping they can give us some tips.”

The beautiful sisters have recently fallen victim to body shaming by a Facebook troll. Needless to say, the Veronicas put their foot down and set the record straight for the troll. According to Motto, the Veronicas are very much into their health and believe in being vegan, which might have misled people into thinking that they were not eating as much. On the contrary, they both keep up a very healthy diet.

The Veronicas are fighting back at just about anybody who criticizes the way they look or who believe the sisters have an eating disorder. They revealed that users on Facebook or Twitter often make comments about their bodies or make assumptions on their eating habits. People generally believe and constantly suggest that the vegan lifestyle the Veronicas lead causes them to be “too thin.”

Jessica Origliasso spoke on how much she and her sister value health and how difficult the ongoing eating disorder assumptions have been for them, saying that they find it “infuriating” because they are very passionate about health have been “given such a hard time about it” for their entire career. Jessica spoke about the food pyramid that she and her sister follow.

“The food pyramid we adhere to has a lot of good fats, we eat a lot of olive oil, avocado, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, really good oil, massive amounts of healthy carbs.”

One Facebook commentator offered to buy the Veronicas’ groceries for them, which might have been a humble gesture in his eyes. The Veronicas happily replied with an actual grocery list for the user to consider, which included a number of organic entries such as 10 organic red potatoes and organic vegan chocolate protein powder.

No matter what happens, the Veronicas will never let any troll get the best of them.

Jessica Origliasso spoke on why she and her sister will always be at war with people who make assumptions about them, saying that it’s “challenging” because it’s become a constant in their lives. Invariably, it seems to be people who have no involvement with the Veronicas who feel that they have the most comments to make about their health.

“They have these big opinions and it’s very frustrating. None of it makes sense. It’s like, people who want to make noise to make noise. Usually it’s unintelligent assumptions.”

Jessica of the Veronicas went on to say that the comment she finds most infuriating is when someone tells them to simply “eat something.” She said the assumption is that she and her sister don’t eat, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“It’s society standards that people buy into that have been set by schools, government, media… health in general in a mainstream sense is not talked about in the way it should be talked about. Therefore people come to these completely inaccurate assumptions.”

[Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]