WWE News: Kurt Angle Claims In An Interview That He Is Headed Back To WWE

Joe Burgett

WWE has been doing a lot with their main roster of talent. They have some of the best wrestlers on the planet and continue to add people each year. While the main roster is filled with great workers, WWE NXT is just as stacked with amazing performers. However, the brand split hurts the company, as they have to split up talent between two different rosters. The WWE now needs to add people to each roster. That's why we've all heard of WWE raising the NXT roster for talent on WWE RAW and SmackDown.

On top of this, WWE is planning to bring back a great deal of other stars, including some over the age of 40, according to the Wrestling Observer. Enter Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold Medalist has been working with TNA over the last decade after leaving WWE. He actually signed a long-term deal with the WWE before feeling a little after that it wasn't right for him. He spoke to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about it, and McMahon was kind enough to let him out of his deal -- despite Angle being one of the top stars in the company at the time.

Angle then went to TNA, and it was said that this most likely infuriated Vince, who let Kurt out of his deal, hoping rest was all the former World Champion needed. Now, Angle wants to come back to the WWE to finish his career in pro-wrestling. For the most part, we didn't get good news for Kurt Angle. Now, there looks to be a shift. Angle spoke with Mark Madden on his radio show in Pittsburgh, where he was asked about going back to the WWE. Angle said the following.

"Will I return? Yes. I don't know when."

That wasn't much regarding a comeback at all, but Angle did elaborate on things a bit more as he spoke about a recent phone call he had with WWE Executive of Talent Relations and Wrestling Legend Triple H. He said that he and The Game had a good conversation about six weeks ago, which happened to be before the brand split was announced. He claimed he and Triple H were on good terms, but said that he was not contacted about much of anything since.

Kurt Angle claimed to be fine whether or not WWE contacts him again or not. Clearly, he would like to work with WWE for one last time, however. Angle was asked if he wanted to go back for one more match with WWE, which he claimed was what he spoke to Vince McMahon and Triple H about. He said that Vince and Triple H were great and they had a great talk regarding things. However, they said at the time that they wanted to push younger talent, "but then all the sudden the brand split occurred."

This could mean that WWE and Kurt Angle did talk about something, but couldn't come to any sort of agreement on coming back due to WWE's continued stance on only using part-timers on a small basis during big event times. With the likes of Chris Jericho, RVD, and others -- they never did WWE wrong and left on bad terms, as well. When it comes to Brock Lesnar, he was a hot name who could give WWE a lot for years to come. That meant his value was raised.

Sting's appeal was that he never worked for the WWE and there was a need to bring him into the family. Finally. The Rock is one of the hottest names in the world, and obviously WWE would want him when they could get him. That meant that Kurt Angle fell into a bad category when it came to possible part-timers to bring back to the WWE. He can't work for much longer, and did admit during the interview that didn't plan to wrestle much longer.

Kurt Angle did say that he would love to wrestle part-time before moving into a manager position. He said that he would love to manage Chad Gable and Jason Jordan of American Alpha, which is something fans have mentioned they would like to see. There is really no need in it for them, as they have a ton of charisma on their own and can talk just fine. Regardless, it seems Kurt Angle wants to return to WWE in any way he can, and that is obvious by the way he answers questions these days.

The question is, will WWE want to bring Kurt Angle back to the company even for a small role? The fans would love to see him come back and have made it on known online on various social media platforms since Angle parted ways with TNA. It remains to be seen if they will bring him back, but with the brand split needing big names on both brands, Angle has a much better chance to come back than he once did.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]